New York Yearly Meeting laid down the Religious Education Committee in July of 2004. The Task Group on Youth (TGoY), under Nurture Coordinating Committee, was formed at Summer Sessions 2006 in response to widespread concern for youth work in the Yearly Meeting. After careful consideration of the recommendations left by the former Religious Education Committee, the Task Group took as its charge supporting Spirit-led, intergenerational youth work in monthly meetings and Worship Groups. The TGoY used numerous avenues for discerning the needs of youth and youth workers, working to find the best form in which to address those needs.

At Fall Sessions 2008, the TGoY recommended the formation of a Youth Committee under the care of Nurture Coordinating Committee, with the charge of representing and supporting all youth work (0–18) in the Yearly Meeting. The creation of a Youth Committee was approved by Nurture Coordinating Committee at Fall Sessions 2008, and by New York Yearly Meeting at Spring Sessions 2009.

Functions & Activities

The Youth Committee (YC), with the membership described below, facilitates communication and exchange of resources and information among youth, youth workers, and the committees and groups with a concern for youth within New York Yearly Meeting. The YC supports Spirit-led, intergenerational youth work in monthly meetings and worship groups, regional meetings, and Yearly Meeting. The committee articulates to the YM as a whole the comprehensive needs and goals concerning youth, as well as names and brings forward the gifts of our younger Friends. While each committee named below has the oversight of their own work, the YC ensures that the safety of youth and youth workers is part of their considerations. Friends with a leading to work with youth—in ways not covered by existing programs/outside of the existing programs—are welcome to bring their leading to this committee for seasoning. To enable communication, the YC will facilitate periodic gatherings on youth concerns.

Organization & Method of Appointment

The Youth Committee is comprised of representatives from New York Yearly Meeting committees or entities with a concern for youth. This includes, but is not limited to: Junior Yearly Meeting, Oakwood Friends School, Powell House Youth Program, Young Adult Concerns Committee, and Young Friends in Residence Committee. In addition, the committee has nine at-large members, recommended by the NYYM Nominating Committee, for staggered three-year terms, with regional representation considered. The YC asks the NYYM Nominating Committee to name at least three at-large members under the age of eighteen—these young Friends can be attenders or members of monthly meetings or worship groups, and should be named for only one year terms.

The Youth Committee helps to coordinate: the Parent/Guardian/Sponsor Gathering at Summer Sessions, the Spring/Fall Sessions Youth Programs, the NYYM Resource Library, and appropriate working groups, such as the First Day School Working Group, and others as they may emerge. Those in charge of these programs and groups participate in YC meetings.

The Youth Committee names a clerk, a recording clerk, one representative to Sessions Commit- tee and up to three representatives to the Nurture Coordinating Committee.

Meeting Times & Places

Meetings are held at the convenience of the committee, but no fewer than three times a year.


YC has a committee expense line in the Nurture Section budget, as part of the New York Yearly Meeting operating budget.