The General Services Coordinating Committee (GSCC) functions as an enabling body of the General Services Section, which comprises those committees that provide the primary administrative, financial, and reporting services of the Yearly Meeting, including the operation of the Yearly Meeting office. They are:

Functions & Activities

GSCC supports and oversees the work of committees in the General Services Section, as well as their relations with others in the Yearly Meeting. It forms task groups when needed, coordinates preparation of the section budget, and participates in the preparation of the Yearly Meeting Operating Budget./p>

Organization & Method of Appointment

GSCC is composed of the clerk or a named designee of each of the committees within this section, the clerk, assistant clerk, and treasurers of the Yearly Meeting, and six to eight members at large. The latter are appointed by the Yearly Meeting upon recommendation of the Nominating Committee for three-year terms, approximately one-third each year.

The clerk of GSCC or a named designee serves on the Sessions Committee and is a member of the Liaison Committee.

Meeting Times and Places

GSCC meets twice at Summer Sessions; at Fall and Spring Sessions; at the coordinating committee weekend at Powell House in the spring; and at the call of the clerk as needed.


Expenses approved by the committee are provided for in the Operating Budget.


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