NYYM Payment Request Vouchers


Requests for payment from the Yearly Meeting are made using a voucher. This includes reimbursements for NYYM related expenses, and payments for products and services rendered. Vouchers serve two primary purposes. The first is to ensure that all the information needed to make the payment and enter it into our Yearly Meeting accounting system is present and clear. The second purpose is to create documentation for bookkeeping and auditing. This is important for ensuring that our Yearly Meeting is accountable and transparent.

Voucher Forms

Forms used primarily by volunteers

Forms used primarily by staff


The best way to submit a voucher is by email, but regular postal mail is OK. Send the voucher and supporting documentation as an email attachment, or on paper, to the person who needs to approve it. If submitting by email, CC [email protected] on your email to the approver.


Each voucher must be approved by an appropriate person. Usually this is the clerk of the relevant committee or, for staff, the supervisor. If submitting by email and the email was copied to [email protected] the person approving can simply "Reply All" with their indication of approval.


Vouchers are usually processed twice a month and it takes about two weeks from the submission due date until checks are mailed. The calendar below shows submission due dates and the date the checks are expected to be mailed. When most checks are mailed, the calendar is updated to indicate the day they were mailed.