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Working with funds from bequests and the Sharing Fund, World Ministries Committee (WMC) supports the ministry of New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM) Friends in the wider world. Persons or organizations applying for funds should write to us with a sense of ministry, that is, with a vision of what is to be done in order to spread the Quaker message of love to the wider world.

Who can apply. Persons with such visions should be members of NYYM, or the vision should be shared and endorsed by a meeting or organization within NYYM.

For what: ministry in the wider world. In considering the applications, WMC will focus on whether the proposed work is ministry, and also whether it is in the wider world. The "wider world" is defined as being outside the physical boundaries of New York Yearly Meeting. To establish ministry, the grantee is required to present a minute of support from their home monthly meeting.

Applying for funding

Applicants should download our electronic application and send it to the clerk of the committee. The letter should say specifically for what athe funds are needed, for which purpose a budget is expected, including information about other sources of funding.

Contact person: Each application should designate someone as the main contact person for the project, and this person must have a specific connection to NYYM, usually through individual membership, and must accept responsibility for stewardship of any funds granted to the project.

Deadline: Deadline for grants is the first of the month prior to that of our metings. WMC plans to meet to approve grants in January, June, and October, normally by teleconference.

Approval: When grants are formally approved, the clerk of WMC will notify the recipients of our action. Grantees can expect checks within six weeks of the meeting in which the grant was approved. We ask that grantees acknowledge receipt of the checks when received.

Reports. World Ministries Committee needs to know how the funds are used. Therefore, about nine months after the checks are sent out, the clerk will write to those recipients who have not yet submitted reports, requesting an update on where they are in the use of the funds received. Applicants will not receive further grants until reports are received.

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