Month Date Task
August 1 List of new committee officers to Yearly Meeting office or hand deliver to NYYM desk at Summer Sessions.
  1 Meeting and committee information to office for Yearbook.
  1 Committee packets should be sent to new committee members as soon as possible.
  1 September Spark deadline.
September   Preliminary budget discussions by Financial Services, Budget Saturday.
    All Clerks Workshop, under the care of the Yearly Meeting clerk.
October 1 November Spark deadline.
    Register for Fall Sessions.
 ;   Committees request meeting and display space for Fall Sessions from host Quarter/Region.
November Fall Sessions 1. Coordinating Committees meet.
2. Nominating Committee assigns committee members responsibilities to find Friends willing to serve.
December 1 January Spark deadline.
January   Sessions Committee meets.
    Coordinating Committee Weekend at Powell House.
February 1 March Spark deadline.
March   Interest/Study Group Proposals due for Summer Sessions.
    Committees request meeting space for Spring Sessions from host.
April 1 May Spark deadline.
    Nominating Committee Weeekend at Powell House to reveiw recommendations for appointments to offices and committees.
June 1 Committee meeting time requests for Summer Sessions due at Yearly Meeting officee for printed Program.
July 10 Audiovisual requests for Summer Sessions due.
  10 Requests for display space for Summer Sessions due.
  16 Guests of committees and authorization for payment of expenses due at Yearly Meeting.
Usually last week of July
  1. Worship and corporate discernment.
  2. Meeting for worship with a concern for business, committee meetings, interest and study groups.
  3. Meeting for Discernment
  4. Section meetings—time for questions on effort and priorities of section and committees in the section.
  5. Coordinating committees reveiw and approve preliminary budgets for next calendar year nd send them to Financial Services.
  6. Commitees approve committee officers and give lists of officers and appointees to staff BEFORE leaving Silver Bay
  7. Appointments begin at the end of last business session.