NYYM Travel Minutes

What is a travel minute?

Definition. "Where a member proposes to travel under the weight of a concern, the monthly [local] meeting may issue a minute of travel releasing the Friend for a particular service. The minute of travel is a certificate endorsing the Friend's concern, indicating that the meeting is in unity with and in support of this venture." [from NYYM's Faith and Practice]
    Read the full section on travel minutes in Faith and Practice.
    See also the glossary in Faith and Practice.

Endorsement. It is Friends practice that Friends with travel minutes bring the minute with them to the meetings, organizations, or places they visit in their travels and present them for endorsement, a response written on the minute or often on its back acknowledging the visit and sometimes commenting on the ministry received.

Release from service. When the Friend feels released from service, she or he usually brings the minute back to the meetings originally approving the minute to report on the ministry.

Service other than travel. Such minutes do not necessarily involve travel per se, but can be written for any service conducted under the weight of a leading.

NYYM Travel Minutes