Quakers share a common faith, based on experience, that every human being can commune with God directly, without the need for any mediating persons or rituals, and that the worshiping community can commune directly with God, as well.

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COVID-19: Resources for Friends and Meetings

Although many of our local meetings are practicing Social Distancing, there are still many opportunities to practice our faith through worship, community building, and service. Please visit our COVID-19: Resources Friends and meetings for more information.

Looking for your local worship? Click Here to see which local Meetings are hosting online worship, and how to join!


Summer Sessions 2020 Evaluation Form

With Summer Sessions 2020 going Virtual, a LOT changed. We hope to learn from your experience so we can strengthen the things that worked well, and change the things that went poorly. So we need to hear from you, the participants! Click here to fill out the Summer Sessions 2020 Evaluation Form.


Sunday, November 8, 2020 - 4:30pm


Announcing the Virtual NYYM Fall Sessions 2020