Quakers share a common faith, based on experience, that every human being can commune with God directly, without the need for any mediating persons or rituals, and that the worshiping community can commune directly with God, as well.

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New York Yearly Meeting Call for Peace

The Clerk and the General Secretary of New York Yearly Meeting, with seasoning and guidance from Friends around the yearly meeting, have written a statement calling for nonviolent resolution to the war between Israel and Palestine. Read the full statement at nyym.org/peace-statement-2024.


Query for 2024 State of the Meeting Reports

“What is shaping your spiritual life and how are you being led to respond?”

The State of Society query for 2023 is intended for all meetings, worship groups (unprogrammed, pastoral, prison etc.) and at-large members of the yearly meeting. By responding to this query you help us to reflect on how Spirit moves among us. View the full letter here.



Read the Minutes and Reports from Fall Sessions 2023

You can view the Minutes from Fall Sessions 2023 in two ways: online with links to supporting documents, or download a single PDF file with supporting documents attached.


Highlights from NYYM Summer Sessions 2023


Minutes from NYYM Spring Sessions 2023

You can view the Minutes from Spring Sessions 2023 in two ways: online with links to supporting documents, or download a single PDF file with supporting documents attached.


Friends Respond to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Friends in New York Yearly Meeting and around the world condemn the violence in Ukraine. Today, NYYM Clerk Elaine Learnard and General Secretary Steve Mohlke emailed letters of love and solidarity to Friends in Ukraine and in Russia on behalf of NYYM Friends. The letters can be found in the Weekly Update from February 28, 2022


If you'd like to send a personal message to the Quakers of Kyiv, Ukraine, or read updates from them, you can visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/QuakersKyivUkraine. 


Statements made by NYYM-affiliated groups 

AFSC: The invasion of Ukraine must be stopped — but U.S. military aid is not the answer
Take Action with FCNL: Condemn the Russian Invasion and Press for Diplomacy
FCNL’s Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
World Council of Churches Appeals for Peace for the People of Ukraine


Becoming an Anti-Racist Faith Community

One of the actions faith communities can take in becoming actively anti-racist is to make a public statement of intention. For those connected to NYYM, the impact of such a statement would go beyond the words themselves, inviting each of us to consider deeply what this might mean for ourselves, our meetings, our communities, and our yearly meeting. In hopes that NYYM will be open to making such a statement of intention, a Draft NYYM Statement on Becoming an Anti-Racist Faith Community came to Summer Sessions 2021 for reflection and the initiation of an extended period of discernment. Please visit https://nyym.org/anti-racism-statement for the full text and further resources.