Quakers share a common faith, based on experience, that every human being can commune with God directly, without the need for any mediating persons or rituals, and that the worshiping community can commune directly with God, as well.

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COVID-19: Resources for Friends and Meetings

Although many of our local meetings are practicing Social Distancing, there are still many opportunities to practice our faith through worship, community building, and service. Please visit our COVID-19: Resources Friends and meetings for more information.

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Topic for 06/29/2020: Stepping into Worship - Facilitated by Jens Braun and Jason McGill

Please join us for worship-sharing on the question of how we plan for and implement a return to in-person Meeting for Worship.  We have developed the following queries and topics as an initial starting point; we know that Friends will bring helpful additions/amendments as Meetings are in various phases of reconvening:

  • What specific plans are we developing for a return to Meetinghouse (Ministry and Council? Advancement/Outreach? Welcoming Committee?) 
  • What key logistics are we addressing: How to do seating, use of bathrooms, refreshments, ventilation, hug and handshake substitutes, etc.
  • How are we sharing/engaging Members and Attenders on Zoom calls about guidelines for getting back together in the Meetinghouse--date, expectations, etc.?
  • How are we inviting Zoom newcomers into this shift? How are we creating opportunities after "Rise of Zoom Meetings" for them to ask questions, or to contact us by email or phone?  How will we ensure such newcomers are seen and welcomed when they come to the Meetinghouse?
  • How are we addressing the anxiety some Friends are experiencing about being in close physical contact again?
Sunday, July 19, 2020 - 2:00pm

New York Yearly Meeting Celebrates its 325th Anniversary

July 19 - July 31