NYYM Communications

New York Yealry Meeting manages its communications through its Communications Director, and Digital Communications Director (both paid staff persons) with oversight by the NYYM Communications Committee.


The Communications Director is Sarah Way. Contact Sarah.
The Digital Communications Director is Chad Gilmartin. Contact Chad.

The Communications Committee serves as the editorial board for the yearly meeting's print newsletter Spark and oversees the yearly meeting's communications strategy and activities.

NYYM Communications

The yearly meeting's communications have four facets:

Service to Local Meetings.

The yearly meeting's communications staff offer meetings a number of communications services, including sharing news, events, and reflections through the newsletters, social media, and the website; support for meeting websites and other digital media; and press relations.

Communications Director—click to view the services available from the Communications Director.
Digital Communications Director—click to view the services available from the Website Manager.

Volunteer. Contact the office to learn about how you can help with the NYYM website and other aspects of NYYM communications.

Press Relations

New York Yearly Meeting maintains a database of press contacts for major media outlets and several custom lists of contacts in certain areas of concern. We reach out to the press whenever we have something significant and newsworthy to share with the world as a yearly meeting. Very often, the occasion is the approval of a minute of conscience by the gathered body of the yearly meeting.

Local meeting support. If your meeting has a historical milestone, or a significant event or message you want to share more widely in the press, and you would like help with this, please contact the Communications Director or the the office.