Fall Sessions 2019

Friday, November 1, 2019 - 6:00pm to Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 12:00pm
Powell House
524 Pitt Hall Rd
12136 Old Chatham , NY


New York Yearly Meeting Fall Sessions

Friday-Sunday, November 1-3, 2019


Powell House

NYYM’s Conference & Retreat Center, 524 Pitt Hall Road, Old Chatham NY 12136

Old Chatham Meetinghouse

539 County Road 13, Old Chatham, NY 12136


Online Registration is open!

Registration payment rates are suggested donations, and financial assistance is available for registration costs and meals. We are made more whole by every participant at our sessions, so please let us work with you to help you participate!


Registration deadline: Monday, October 21, 2019


Northeastern Regional Meeting invites you to Fall Sessions 2019, which will be held Friday-Sunday, November 1-3 at Powell House in Old Chatham, NY. When Friends from all worship groups and meetings participate in our sessions, we bring the wisdom of a variety of Friends to our work together and ensure that the decisions we make will be reported back to each meeting represented. Please join us!


Fall Sessions will be held primarily at Powell House, in Pitt Hall and the Anna Curtis Center, but also, the Saturday plenary meetings will be held in the Old Chatham Meetinghouse. An agenda, advance reports, and the full schedule, including committee meeting times, will be availible here in advance.

Over the weekend, our Youth Program for all teenagers (13-17 years old) will take place at Powell House. There will not be a residential component to the Youth Program, even though we are at Powell House. Young friends must room with their parents. Also, Childcare will be available for the 0-12-year-olds if their registrations are received by the deadline. Please see below for further details.

Please do register all children and teens by the registration deadline (Monday, October 21st) to ensure we have an appropriate number of childcare providers and adult presences.

Also. A Youth Medical Form must be completed for all children and youth attending sessions in addition to the registration form. The medical form is available for download on the NYYM website at https://www.nyym.org/content/nyym-youth-medical-form

Meals will be served in the Anna Curtis Center (ACC) at Powell House. The (tentative) plan is that Saturday's dinner will be composed of local, sustainably grown, seasonal ingredients, and may include as a minor ingredient, grass fed, grass finished meat—EcoEating! Friends interested in volunteering to help with this dinner or future initiatives are invited to contact Sheree Cammer, of the EcoEating Task Group for Fall Sessions (part of the NYYM Earthcare Working Group): [email protected] or text/call 518-951-5953. See meal prices on the registration form.



In keeping with our earthcare theme, we ask participants to consider their environmental impact when attending any NYYM gathering. Carpool with other attendees from your area, for instance, using the most fuel-efficient vehicle of the group. Bring a travel mug and water bottle with you—some even bring their own utensils and plates! Bring a warm sweater, so that we don’t have to turn up the heat in the entire building for the comfort of two or three people. Instead of printing out the advance documents, save them to your computer or tech device and read them electronically. If you do print them out, be sure to share! Return your nametag holder when you last leave the venue, so it can be used again. Whatever ways you can think of to lower your carbon footprint, to reduce and reuse, will be greatly appreciated.



We have many opportunities for participants to volunteer. We primarily need folks to open their homes to our participants. Many of our attenders cannot afford to stay at a motel and so they depend on our generosity in sharing our living spaces. David Herendeen is coordinating host offers and hospitality requests. He has questions for you to fill out either way. There are also options to gift a few hours of your time (or more!) to help us host the Yearly Meeting Sessions. If you are interested in any of these volunteering opportunities (greeters, registration table, microphone runners, clean up, etc.) please contact Melanie-Claire Mallison at [email protected] — she has a volunteer Google doc to share.


Overnight Accommodations

There are three options for overnight accommodations.

[1] Powell House: Friends may stay at Powell House on a first paid for first served basis. Housing arrangements should be made directly with Powell House. Friends can do this online, or contact Sharon Koomler at 518-794-8811 or [email protected]. Please register for Fall Sessions before you make your housing arrangements with Powell House

[2] Friendly Hospitality: You may request hospitality with local Friends for Friday and/or Saturday night. Indicate your needs and special needs on your registration. David Herendeen will contact you with particulars. Hospitality cannot be guaranteed after the October 21st registration deadline.

[3] Local Hotels and Motels: The Powell House staff recommends Chatham Travel Lodge ($86.00 a night), 598 NY-295, Chatham, NY 12037 (approx. four miles from PoHo), Phone: (518) 392-4066s. Or take a look at https://hotelguides.com/interstate-hotels/i-90-exit-9-ny-hotels.html Reserve a room directly with your chosen location.


Committee Meeting & Display Space

Requests to reserve committee meeting and display space should be directed to Melanie-Claire Mallison, via email to [email protected], by the registration deadline. Please remind your committee members to register to attend Fall Sessions!


Host Task Group

Jim Ralston (clerk), Sheree Cammer, Nat Corwin, David Herendeen, Sunfire Kazmayer, and Melanie-Claire Mallison


Emergency Contact

For emergency contact during the weekend of Fall Sessions, you may call Jim Ralston, clerk of the Host Task Group, at 518-863-4041.



Driving Directions to Elsie K. Powell House, https://powellhouse.org/about-us/written-directions -- If you get lost, you can always call Powell House at 518-794-8811

Friends using public transportation may take the Amtrak train to either the Hudson or Albany-Rensselaer stations. Megabus and Greyhound/Trailways service is also available. Local Friends may be available for some station pickups, but Friends may choose to use on of the following local taxi services. ALL taxi companies should be called and a reservation made before the day of need. Uber and Lyft are also available in the Albany area.

Green Bee We, 518-392-0461; Hudson City Taxi, 518-822-8880; John's Taxi, 518-392-3642; Pronto Taxi, 518-822-9500

Also! Please know that because we will be moving between the Powell House campus and the Old Chatham Meetinghouse all day, the Host Task Group has reserved two golf carts for shuttling back and forth.


Carpools are strongly encouraged. Enjoy extra time with Friends while also reducing your carbon footprint! Click here to offer a ride or join a carpool as a passenger.



To register, please complete the online registration form by Monday, October 21st. If you are not able to complete the online registration, or would like assistance registering for Fall Sessions, please call the office at (212) 673 - 5750.

Please note that the registration fee is a suggested amount of $35 per adult/teen and $15 per child 0-12. Late registrants should add another $10 per person. When you register online, you have the option to pay for your registration and your meals online with credit/debit card, or Pay By Check. If you choose to pay by check, please make sure to mail your check to the office! To register by postal mail, send the form on the back page of this Spark to NYYM, 15 Rutherford Pl., New York NY 10003, along with your check made payable to NYYM. Be sure to write “Fall Sessions 2019” in the memo line.


Financial Assistance

This year, in an effort to make Fall Sessions even more affordable, instead of a "Registration Fee”, we have a “Suggested Donation for Registration”. Those who can pay more than the suggested amount are encouraged to do so, to help offset those who cannot. Please do not let money stand between you and attending Fall Sessions! Pay what you can for registration and request Equalization Funds for what you cannot pay. We need your presence to be complete. Our online registration form includes "discount codes" for registration fees and meals, allowing everyone to pay what they can in order to participate, including zero cost. NYYM's Equalization Fund is used to make up the difference, so Friends who are led to contribute to this initiative are able to donate to the Equalization Fund.


Youth Program (13 – 17 year-olds)

The theme for the youth program will be “Solutions for Our Planet!”

  • Are you concerned about what is happening to the earth?
  • Are you wondering what Friends are doing about climate change, security of our food, and the possibility of economic disruption and the breakdown of society?
  • Are your parents coming to Fall Sessions?

If so, please come with them and become part of the Fall Sessions Youth Program. If your parents aren't coming to Fall Sessions, you may still be a part of this program with a parent-approved chaperone.

The NYYM Earthcare Working Group is eager to share with you what we know about solutions to world-wide problems of hunger, natural disasters, and their possible local effects. Together, we will have a session to hear your thoughts about how Friends should be responding to the critical issues of our times. Saturday evening, we invite you to be part of the deliberations of the Witness Coordinating Committee as they plan for 2020. We anticipate that this will lead to your further involvement at NYYM Sessions as we do our part to create a world that works for everyone. Friends have always made a difference in the world. This is your time to step into that role.


The Youth Program will include a community service component – to the Yearly Meeting itself! On Saturday, the youth will take care of the typical meal logistics (set and clear, washing dishes and pots-n-pans) like they do at their PoHo Youth Conferences, so that the regular Fall sessions schedule can be accommodated. 


Sessions Documents and Resources

Advance Documents


Friday, November 1st, 2019

5:30-6:00p, Registration in the Anna Curtis Center (ACC), Common Room

6:00-7:00p, Dinner; ACC

7:30-9:00p, Friday Evening Program, Pitt Hall Ballroom;

Fall Sessions at Powell House is near the Quaker Intentional Village, Canaan (QIVC). Jens Braun, a member of that community, will lead the Friday evening session by sharing about QIVC’s main challenge of living our faith at a deeper level, given we live in a larger culture that is very effective at providing us with convincing excuses to not do so. We will explore some of the barriers to spiritual community the QIVCers have discovered, focusing on the hidden nuances of the dominant culture and language that lead soft values such as comfort and convenience to take priority over the longing of our souls. The session will be highly interactive and appropriate for older adults as well as youth.


Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

7:15-8:15a, Registration and Community Breakfast, ACC

8:15 a.m.-9:45 p.m., Youth Program thru-out the day; ACC Library

8:15-12:15p, Children’s Program if necessary; Pitt Hall Children’s Room

8:45-9:30a, Meeting for Worship; Old Chatham Meetinghouse (OCM)

9:45-10:45a, Committee Meetings [Section 1]; See back for room list

11:00a-12:00p, Committee Meetings [Section 2]; See back for room list

12:15-1:15p, Lunch; ACC

1:30-6:00p, Children’s Program if necessary; Pitt Hall Children’s Room

1:30-3:30p, Coordinating Committee Meetings; See back for room list

3:45-5:45p, Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business; OCM

6:00-7:00p, EcoEating (tentative) Dinner; ACC

7:30-9:30p, Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business; OCM


Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

7:15-8:15a, Registration and Community Breakfast, ACC

8:15a.-12:15p, Youth Program thru-out the morning; ACC Library

8:15a-12:15p, Children’s Program if necessary; Pitt Hall Children’s Room

8:45-10:30a, Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business; (Location TBA)

11:00a-12:00p, Meeting for Worship with Old Chatham Friends Meeting

12:15-1:15p, Lunch; ACC

1:15-2:00p, Clean up, pack up displays, and head home!