Other seekers have gone before us, and many have left a legacy of their journeys. From these accounts of questions asked, of answers received, and of ways taken, we can find help as we listen for truth in our own hearts. For many of us the Bible is the most precious of these writings. Yet the record of God's grace did not begin or end with the Bible. Quakers feel particularly attuned to the works of George Fox, Margaret Fell, John Woolman, Elizabeth Gurney Fry, Rufus Jones, Thomas Kelly, Mildred Binns Young, and other Friends whose inspiration is available to us. We value also many writings of seekers of all persuasions, aware of the diversity of vision among those whose hearts are fixed on God. We come to understand that the Light that inspired seekers of all times will illumine us as we search diligently to discern the Truth.

We know that God shares the Truth in many ways. If we bring open hearts and minds, we can find the Holy Spirit in unexpected places and in the contributions of men and women of all ages and all religions, sometimes in the form of stories, poetry, dance, music, art, or drama that give insight into humanity's highest values.