Travel Minute: Susan Regen

Rochester Friends Meeting

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) 84 Scio Street

Rochester, New York 14604

Travel Minute for Susan (Sue) Regen


Dear Friends,

Susan (Sue) Regen has a well-established concern for encouraging the practice of forgiveness as a spiritual discipline. The authenticity of this work derives from its origins in Sue's personal journey of forgiveness, and is the source of its profound impact. Since 2002 Sue has been led to support others in this work by providing a total of 67 different events as well as individual accompaniment.


During the period since the approval of her last travel minute in 2014, she has offered workshops around the country, most recently at Lake Erie Yearly Meeting’s Spiritual Formation retreat (the first of two retreats for this group) and at Friends General Conference Gathering at Niagara University in July 2017. Many individuals continue to ask for Sue's support and counsel as they engage with forgiveness issues in their lives.


Rochester Friends Meeting recognizes that the practice of forgiveness as a spiritual discipline is foundational to the Quaker testimonies of Peace and Integrity, and that it provides a deepening connection to the Divine for those who engage in the work. The Meeting has appointed an ongoing support committee and has established a fund to support this ministry. Sue travels with an elder.


We took this ministry under our care in 2006, renewed the travel minute in 2008, 2010, and 2014. Although Sue and her husband Rich moved to the D.C. area in December 2015, they remain members of Rochester meeting, and Sue’s forgiveness work remains under the care of Rochester Friends Meeting until she is settled in a meeting that can provide spiritual direction for this work. We have renewed her minute of travel.


In Peace,

Dawn Pozzi



Approved by Rochester Meeting - November 5, 2017