Minutes, Summer Sessions 2014


The 319th New York Yearly Meeting
Summer Sessions

July 20 - 26, 2014


Silver Bay, New York
Monday, July 21, 2014, 3:30 p.m.

Jeffrey L. Hitchcock (Rahway & Plainfield), Clerk
Lucinda Antrim (Scarsdale), Assistant Clerk
Roger Dreisbach-Williams (Rahway & Plainfield), Recording Clerk
Sylke Jackson (Rockland), Reading Clerk

2014-07-01. The Clerk welcomed F/friends following what appear to have been trouble-free travels.  Those at the clerks table were introduced, and the agenda was presented.

2014-07-02. The Clerk welcomed visitors. John Benson, Stillwater Monthly Meeting (Ohio Yearly Meeting-Conservative); Eden Grace, NEYM, representing FUM; Maggie Edmondson, Winthrop Center Friends, Maine (who is leading the Bible Study); Debra Frazier, Germantown Monthly Meeting, Friends Aging Concerns; Jane Houser, Houston Texas (formerly Purchase).

2014-07-03. Renewal of a travel minute for Susan “Sue” Regen (Rochester) to encourage the practice of forgiveness as a spiritual discipline was presented. Rochester Monthly Meeting took this ministry under its care in 2006 and approved renewal of the travel minute.  The Clerk was directed to endorse the minute. (View the minute here.)

2014-07-04. Clerk of the Ministry Coordinating Committee, Irma Guthrie (Perry City), presented an abbreviated State of the Society Report. Friends received the full report. (View the State of Society Report here.)

2014-07-05. Minutes 1-4 were approved.

2014-07-06. General Secretary, Christopher Sammond (Poplar Ridge), presented his report. He spoke to the process of sub-optimization, where a small part of a group benefits greatly at the expense of the group as a whole.  He named how we do our Summer Session as an example of sub-optimization. For one tenth of the Yearly Meeting the way we do summer sessions works very well.  We were encouraged to remember the nine tenths of NYYM members who are not here.
    He spoke of the characteristics of vital Meetings: deep worship, healthy community and a meaningful place for our children.
    He is concerned that we are losing our capacity for renewal, both in terms of people and financial resources.  We are half of what we were in the mid-fifties. If we cut our budget any further we are at risk of entering a downward spiral where cutting programs reduces participation which leads to fewer programs. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is naïve at best. The circumstances call for all hands on deck.
    He is hopeful: there are signs of new growth in financial support and participation by young adult Friends.
    A written report from the General Secretary is attached.
    Friends received the report.

2014-07-07. Clerk of the Powell House Committee, Elizabeth Powers (Brooklyn), reported on recent Powell House operations and what lies ahead for staff and committee.  Bequeathed to the New York Yearly Meeting 60 years ago by Elsie K. Powell, Powell House is a tool, committed to meeting the needs of New York Yearly Meeting, monthly meetings, youth and adults. 
    The past three years have been a period of stabilization, but the committee and staff recognize four major priorities to ensure that Powell House deepens its service to the Yearly Meeting:  making its programs ever more compelling and accessible to Friends in the Yearly Meeting, planning and implementing significant capital improvements, identifying the next generation of directors, and finding new sources of financial support since donors of nearly two-thirds of the funds used for the Anna Curtis Center have died in recent years.
    The Powell House clerk made two asks of the Yearly Meeting:
    How can Powell House nurture your ministry?
    How can Powell House help you live out your ministry within the broader Yearly Meeting?
    The report ended with a message of thanks to Ann Davidson from the Powell House committee for her 20 years of service as Executive Director.
    A Friend offered vocal ministry about the importance of the youth program to her development as a Quaker. Friends received the report.

2014-07-08. Clerk of the Priorities Working Group, Lee Haring (Bulls Head-Oswego), spoke on the work the group has done, presented a collective vision of the Yearly Meeting and monthly meetings based on that work, and introduced the process we will use to consider their findings and recommendations.

2014-07-09. Minutes 6 & 8 were approved.

2014-07-10. The meeting closed with a period of open worship.

2014-07-11. Minute 2014-07-07 was approved.


Silver Bay, New York
Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 8:00 p.m.

Jeffrey L. Hitchcock (Rahway & Plainfield), Clerk
Lucinda Antrim (Scarsdale), Assistant Clerk
Karen Way (New Brunswick), Recording Clerk
Robin Alpern (Scarsdale), Reading Clerk


2014-07-12. A Memorial Minute was read for Alma Ruth Stewart of Buffalo Monthly Meeting. Ruth was described as “steady, careful, thoughtful, and with a fine mind.” Her extraordinary career serving humanitarian causes began with her family’s assistance to the ethnic Japanese in internment camps in California and continued on through AFSC Youth Programs, early Peace Corp deployment in Nigeria, working the summer of 1964 in Mississippi as a Civil Rights worker, and teaching high school in Watts. Later she obtained a doctorate in Environmental Toxicology and worked internationally on environmental issues. In 1986, after 40 years of devoted service to humanitarian causes, she sought membership in the Religious Society of Friends as an acknowledgement and a confirmation of her beliefs. Throughout her life, Ruth provided a steadfast light by which many were able to see more clearly.
    Friends spoke of Ruth’s humility during her attendance at Albany Meeting and her devotion to earthcare causes. (View Alma Ruth Stewart's memorial minute here.)

2014-07-13. The Reading Clerk read the Epistle from the Young Adult Concerns Committee. The members met at the end of May to discern their leadings as a committee and were surprised to discern that they were called not just to support young adults, but to nurture and support the Religious Society of Friends as a whole. Starting from a realization that despite lifetime exposure to Quakerism they had only meager understanding of their Faith, the committee began an intense sharing of ideas and emotions that led to a vision of empowerment. Members imagined a world-wide Quaker movement that would redefine and revitalize traditional Quaker concepts. Such a movement would respond to continuing revelation among Friends and support the new leadings of the Divine. Current structures might have to change to make such openings possible, but the Young Adult Concerns Committee reported new energy to face the challenge. (View the epistle here.)

2014-07-14. Speaking from the silence, Gabrielle Savory Bailey (Chatham-Summit) (Gabi) reported as Young Adult Field Secretary. Using simple objects from daily life, Gabi reviewed what she has heard from Friends in her travels in the preceding year.
    An electric candle illuminated the idea that the Light shines on the good in us, but also on everything negative or painful. With Light, though, comes the possibility of Grace. We need to be brave enough to see what the Light shows us.
    A chain reminded us that our lives are linked from stage to stage, and no age can be left out. We need to create and realize the vision of an intergenerational faith family.
    Soil symbolized the traditions and experiences that our growth is rooted in. To remain rich, the soil must be cared for consciously, with understanding and energy and attention. We need to know what is in the soil that grows our faith and community.
    A mystery object in a box was used to show how useless it is to identify objects, or people, or faiths, by what they are not. We need to know and say out loud what we are. Our children and our neighbors should be able to see us clearly.
    Gabi showed us a spark plug to speak of her own feeling of burn out She can be the spark plug in energizing Friends, but she cannot also be the motor. She is looking for motors, for those who understand that, despite our busyness, we have all the time we need.
    With that in mind, Gabi offered four suggestions:

  1. We can make a conscientious move to make sure meaningful and relevant Religious Education happens at all ages.
  2. We can focus on inviting people to participate in different Quaker opportunities based on what we know of people as individuals and their gifts.
  3. We can speak plainly about who we are, and what we do, moving towards a shared vision so that people who come to us know what we are about.
  4. We can create and focus on meaningful opportunities to be engaged in faith without serving on a committee.

The Epistle of the Young Adult Concerns Committee and the report from the Young Adult Field Secretary will be appended to these minutes.

2014-07-15. The Clerk presented the Consent Agenda for approval, reminding Friends that, after advance opportunity for expressing concern, items on the Consent Agenda require no discussion. Friends approved minutes 2014-07-16 through 2014-07-19 in accord with the Consent Agenda. (View the Consent Agenda here.)

2014-07-16. Friends approved the nominations for service to the Yearly Meeting. The nominations can be found following the minutes and epistles of this Summer Sessions, in the listing of “Friends Under Appointment to New York Yearly Meeting” in the Yearbook.

2014-07-17. Friends received these requests for release from service:

    Richard Goodman (Manhasset), Sufferings, 2016
    Rebecca Schillenback (Poplar Ridge), State of the Society, 2015


2014-07-18. Friends approved the Handbook page for Sessions Committee. This page of the Handbook can be found at the NYYM website or paper copies may be requested from the Yearly Meeting office. (View the Sessions Committee Handbook page here.)

2014-07-19. Friends received the Report from NYYM’s representatives to the 2014 Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas’ Consultations. This report will be appended to these minutes. (View the report here.)

2014-07-20. The Clerk introduced the topic of the Leadings and Priorities by urging Friends to trust each other and the process.

The Clerk asked for oral reports from the discussion groups that had met before Meeting for Business to consider again the Statement of Leadings and Priorities from the Priorities Working Group (PWG). The group reports were varied, with these repeated themes:

  • Praise for the hard work of the PWG.
  • Concern over what was missing, such as:
    • Attention to Friends whose home is not a monthly meeting but Powell House or Summer Sessions,
    • The need to nurture older people, not just youth, and
    • The importance of saying that God is leading us.
  • Reservations about the language in specific priorities (several groups mentioned opposition to having the Yearly Meeting witness on our behalf).
  • There was some understanding that these priorities arose from the monthly meetings, instead of the working group that reported them.
  • In several groups, there was a desire to approve the priorities and move forward.

2014-07-21. The Clerk reviewed the sections of the PWG Statement. He introduced Fred Dettmer (Purchase), Assistant Clerk of the PWG, who read the six Priorities as listed in the Statement.
    In response, Friends spoke to a broad range of issues. There was not unity on approving the Priorities at this time. Consideration of this question will continue in a later session.

2014-07-22. The Minutes for this session were approved. Meeting closed after a period of community worship.


Silver Bay, New York
Thursday, July 24, 2014, 3:30 p.m.

Jeffrey L. Hitchcock (Rahway & Plainfield), Clerk
Lucinda Antrim (Scarsdale), Assistant Clerk
Andrew Mead von Salis (Brooklyn), Recording Clerk
Jeffrey Aaron (New Brunswick), Acting Reading Clerk

2014-07-23. The session opened with a time of worship at 3:30 p.m.  The Clerk introduced those on the dais, including the acting Reading Clerk, Jeffrey Aaron (New Brunswick).
    Jeffrey Aaron read the memorial minute of New Brunswick Meeting for Miriam Kelly Brush, a co-founder of that Meeting.  She was deeply gifted in Quaker good order, and served quietly and wisely in leadership roles, including as clerk of our Yearly Meeting and as a founder of Powell House.  Miriam worked over 50 years as a professor of nutrition and home economics at Douglass College of Rutgers University and served as president of her local board of education, among other public service roles.  She was wife of 64 years to John Brush, who predeceased her and with whom she raised a family.  Miriam died on February 12, 2014, at the age of 98.
    In worship, Friends recounted sparkling stories of Miriam's engaging mind, which lost no edge even in old age; her warm personal advice, which transcended situations and generations; and her organizational vision, which embraced and effected ambitious change.  Miriam carried people – she carried New York Yearly Meeting.  That presence among Friends is greatly missed. (View the memorial minute for Miram Brush here.)

2014-07-24. The Meetings for Discernment Steering Committee's reports were given by Lucinda Antrim (Scarsdale), its clerk.  First, she reported orally on the work of the committee in the past year, including holding meetings for discernment among us and preparing a longer, written report.  Then she read the latter report, including a proposed Minute for our consideration, in recognition that the authorized Meetings for Discernment were to expire this week.
    After summarizing the history and practice of the Meetings for Discernment, the report answers to the Statement of Leadings and Priorities that was also presented to the Yearly Meeting this week, and speaks to the need for the Yearly Meeting to reflect the stirrings, ministry and witness in our local meetings.  It concludes by proposing a Minute extending the Meetings for Discernment for six more years, and inviting ongoing conversation and engagement with the Steering Committee about the scheduling of its work.
    Friends received the report. (View the report here.)
    While doubts arose as to the prudence of committing to a six-year extension of the Meetings for Discernment, there were affirmations of the contributions of the Meetings for Discernment, and questions about the challenges in shaping our Sessions to include them.  The Steering Committee has undertaken to work with the Sessions Committee to address those challenges.  We understood that the proposed Minute leaves the Meetings for Discernment Steering Committee free to rearrange the schedule of meetings for discernment.
    The proposed Minute was approved, as follows:

Friends approve the extension of Meetings for Discernment for an additional six years, at the end of which Friends will consider how and whether Meetings for Discernment are serving Spirit’s purpose for New York Yearly Meeting. Two pages will be added to the New York Yearly Meeting Handbook: one for Meetings for Discernment and one for the Meetings for Discernment Steering Committee.
    Meetings for Discernment will be held at intervals and at locations appropriate to the needs and calls of the Yearly Meeting, to be determined by the Steering Committee with input from others throughout the Yearly Meeting. For the coming year, 2014-2015, the steering committee anticipates holding at least two sessions.

2014-07-25. The Clerk turned our attention to the Priorities Working Group's current Statement of Leadings and Priorities, reminding us that the Working Group is to be laid down upon acceptance of its work and approval of an assessment process.  He reminded us of the process that has been undertaken.
    Friends rose to deliver various well-considered viewpoints on the Statement and on our current ambivalence about fully accepting it.  The certainty that Spirit is moving among us and that trusting one another is called for was considered alongside the inevitability of an imperfect statement and of differences in how we see the Light.
    The Clerk called a meeting for worship with a concern for business, which would further explore how we are led to respond to the Statement, on Friday, July 25 at 1:45 p.m. 

2014-07-26. The foregoing Minutes of this session were read and approved, with corrections, in two stages during the session.  Friends worshiped in silence before adjourning at 5:25 p.m.


Silver Bay, New York
Friday, July 25, 2014, 1:45 p.m.

Jeffrey L. Hitchcock (Rahway & Plainfield), Clerk
Lucinda Antrim (Scarsdale), Assistant Clerk
Roger Dreisbach-Williams (Rahway & Plainfield), Recording Clerk
Melanie-Claire Mallison (Ithaca), Reading Clerk

2014-07-27. The Clerk introduced those at the clerks table and called for worship.  There was vocal ministry.

2014-07-28. Members of the Priorities Working Group, Elaine Learnard (Conscience Bay) and Deborah Wood (Purchase), read a revised Statement of Leadings and Priorities extracted here and attached in full. (View the full Statement of Leadings and Priorities here)


In approving this Statement of Leadings and Priorities, we commit to focus the energy and resources of our Yearly Meeting for the coming five years on achieving a vision of growing and vital monthly meetings which are open loving communities, effective in their outreach, active in the world, and skillful in nurturing the spiritual life of Friends of all ages.  We envision a yearly meeting structure which is devoted to furthering this vision, is an effective focal point for organizing our collective work in the world, and which communicates that work broadly.  We envision a yearly meeting structure which is accountable to these priorities, transparent in its finances and integrally connected to the monthly meetings it represents and supports.  We envision a yearly meeting where there will no longer be “yearly meeting Friends” and “monthly meeting Friends,” but rather one, whole yearly meeting devoted to faithfully living out the leadings of the Spirit. We affirm our commitment to utilize these Leadings and Priorities in “preparing budgets, staff work plans, and other services and initiatives of the Yearly Meeting and its committees and constituent parts.” (Minute 2011-4-33.)
    We envision a Yearly Meeting:
        Deeply Grounded in The Practice of Our Faith;
        Made Up of Strong, Vital Monthly Meetings;
        Gathered Together Into One Body;
        That Nurtures Our Children, Youth, And Young Adults;
        That Supports and Amplifies Our Witness;
        That Is Accountable and Transparent.

2014-07-29. Friends gave ministry in response to the reading of the revised Statement of Leadings and Priorities. Friends felt that God was moving among us.


2014-07-30. The Clerk proposed that we adopt these priorities for a limited period of time and that we reconsider them at Fall and Spring Sessions. The Clerk received a suggestion from the body that the Clerk ask for approval for the full length of time proposed in the statement itself.

2014-07-31. Friends approved the Statement of Leadings and Priorities as presented.  It was noted that we have experienced conflict transformation – also joy and humility. (View the approved Statement of Leadings and Priorities here.)

2014-07-32. A Friend asked to be recorded as standing aside from the approval of the Statement of Leadings and Priorities.

2014-07-33. The Priorities Working Group will continue, with some turnover in membership, to design a process to assess the implementation of these priorities.

2014-07-34. The minutes were approved.  Friends gathered in worship before adjourning.


Silver Bay, New York
Friday, July 25, 2014, 3:30 p.m.

Lucinda Antrim (Scarsdale), Acting Clerk
Roseann Press (Housatonic), Acting Assistant Clerk
Karen Way (New Brunswick), Recording Clerk
Karen Snare (Bulls Head-Oswego), Reading Clerk

2014-07-35. After a period of worship, Lucinda Antrim, Acting Clerk, introduced those at the clerks’ table and asked if there were any visitors. David Male introduced himself as a visitor from Ohio Yearly Meeting.

2014-07-36. A Memorial Minute was read for Newton Garver of Buffalo Monthly Meeting. (View the memorial minute for Newton Garver here.) Born in Buffalo in 1928, Newton was first acquainted with Quakers at Deep Springs School in California. He went on to meet Bayard Rustin, who became a long time friend and inspiration. In a group led by A.J. Muste, Newton burned his draft card in 1947 and spent a year in prison. He later received degrees from Swarthmore, Oxford, and Cornell, and joined the philosophy faculty at SUNY Buffalo. Throughout his life, Newton served causes of peace and social justice. As a new professor, he joined 5 colleagues in refusing to sign the New York State loyalty oath, a decision eventually vindicated by the U.S. Supreme Court. Newton helped found an interracial fair housing organization and a citizens’ council that advocated for racial integration and equality. A member first of Ithaca Meeting and in 1961 Buffalo Meeting, Newton served New York Yearly Meeting and other Quaker organizations in many roles for many years. When he retired from teaching in 1993, he began his best-known work, establishing the Bolivian Quaker Education Fund for impoverished Quaker children in Bolivia.
    Buffalo Meeting wrote: “Newton’s presence in any room was large and deep, and his absence leaves a very big hole in Buffalo Meeting and in the wider Quaker community. The comfort is that his life’s echo will reverberate for years among us.”
    Friends spoke in response, remembering Newton’s mentorship, his friendship, his passionate leadership, and the clarity and calm precision of his thinking. He was one of the giants among us.

2014-07-37. The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Susan Bingham (Montclair), Yearly Meeting Treasurer:  Opening balance, $205,093; Receipts, $196,644; Disbursements, $219,835; Net Change, ($23,191). The Treasurer noted that in 2013, the Net Change was ($18,990). The Treasurer reminded us that we can now donate individually to the Yearly Meeting by automatic electronic donations through the Yearly Meeting website (www.nyym.org). Friends received the report.

2014-07-38. Pamela Boyce Simms (Hudson) with Margaret Lew (Fifteenth  Street ) spoke for the Earthcare Working Group in requesting a Quaker presence at the People’s Climate March planned for September 21, 2014. The group requested that NYYM register with the March as a participant group and publicize the March throughout the Yearly Meeting. The Fifteenth Street Meetinghouse will be open for overnight hospitality, and Yearly Meeting offices and staff will also provide support. Brooklyn Meeting and other nearby meetings plan to join this effort. Friends approved.

2014-07-39. Mary Eagleson (Scarsdale) of the Liaison Committee gave a first reading of a Minute clarifying the role of the Clerk and General Secretary in representing NYYM in situations where there is not time for a Yearly Meeting session.  Mary reviewed the history of the recent practice of having the Clerk and then the General Secretary speak to the outside world on behalf of New York Yearly Meeting.
    Friends spoke in response, suggesting that this provision could be both an extra burden and an undue license for the Clerk and General Secretary. Nevertheless, the need exists. If Friends have further thoughts, they should contact the Liaison Committee as it prepares for the second reading.

2014-07-40. Elizabeth Gordon (Binghamton) of the Epistle Committee gave a first reading of the Epistle. Friends praised the brevity of the Epistle, and asked that it be read again. Kate Moss (Fifteenth Street) gave a second first reading.  Friends then offered possible additions. Friends were urged to speak to directly to the Epistle Committee before and during dinner.

2014-07-41. The Minutes for this session were approved. Meeting closed after a period of quiet worship.


Silver Bay, New York
Friday, July 25, 2014, 6:45 p.m.

Jeffrey L. Hitchcock (Rahway & Plainfield), Clerk
Lucinda Antrim (Scarsdale), Assistant Clerk
Andrew Mead von Salis (Brooklyn), Recording Clerk
Robin Alpern (Scarsdale), Reading Clerk

2014-07-42. The quiet auditorium came to life as all our Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) groups entered at 6:45 p.m.  Junior Yearly Meeting Co-coordinators Melanie-Claire Mallison (Ithaca) and Dawn Pozzi (Rochester) hosted the JYM portion of our evening session.  Of over 500 Yearly Meeting registrants, 125 were Junior Yearly Meeting participants, who brought their epistles to present to us.  Their activities raised over $7,250, to be divided between Powell House and the NYYM Sharing Fund.  Caregivers for our preschoolers for non-JYM times, provided by the Silver Bay Association, were acknowledged.  Rebecca Wolf was announced as the new JYM co-coordinator. 

2014-07-43. The rising first and second graders took the stage, triumphantly or hesitantly, with Susan Stillman, Jacqueline Burns and Virgil Bunting as adult leaders.  Susan read their epistle as the children demonstrated “looking at things from a different angle,” including animal habitats, individual gifts, and centering aids.  Sitting right-side-up again, they sang the “May All Children” prayer.

2014-07-44. The numerous third and fourth graders came next.  Kai McGiver, David Gerhan and Rita Hamm announced their presentation of “where is God leading us.”  Each child read us what they are led to do with their future, turning pages to add their Why and their How to each leading.

2014-07-45. Next, we heard from the fifth and sixth graders, who led William Tesdell, Tom Goodridge (also known as “GreenMan”) and Elizabeth Honis into the limelight.  Their epistle was read as they pantomimed each phrase, prominently displaying their “turtle shell” of illustrated and captioned plates.  Much laughter rewarded the lively mimes. 

2014-07-46. The Junior High (seventh, eighth and ninth graders) followed, accompanied by Bryant Henning, Margaret Morgan-Davie and Patrick DiGiovanni.  Analea Blackburn, Abigail Bytrus and Alison Hewitt read their epistle as the youth acted out each event of their week with freeze-tag segues, telling a convincing story without any props but a rubber chicken.  Their clerks for next year have been selected:  Abigail Bytrus and Eric Menzel.

2014-07-47. The sixteen wonderful Senior High teens stepped up last, beginning with a good minute of silence before Emma Gardiner and Griffin Perry alternately read their epistle. Their clerks, Emma Gardiner, Matthew Lindop and Natalie Mattson, pre-planned their entire week, including attending JYM committee meetings and preparing to host the daily Community Worship at the Boathouse.  Amariah DiGiovanni and Soren Grunder will become clerks next year.  Rick Townsend, Rebecca Wolf and Mark LaRiviere were their supporting adults.  The presentation concluded with another minute of perfect, calm silence and their handshake. 

2014-07-48. After the children left, the Meeting settled into worship and began its remaining business agenda. 

2014-07-49. The Reading Clerk read the memorial minute of Auburn Prison Preparative Meeting for Gary Sickler, who died on February 15, 2013, at the age of 71, the day after being transferred from prison to an outside hospital.  Gary was a respected old-timer, incarcerated since 1969.  He was tough but caring, a man of integrity.  He became a good friend of many in nearby Meetings who appreciated the fortunate opportunity to have met him in prison.  The emptiness of his seat at his Meeting is acutely felt.
    In worship, a message spoke of the incomparable richness of joining incarcerated Friends for their Quaker worship and companionship. (View the memorial minute for Gary Sickler here.)

2014-07-50. Mia Kissel Hewitt (Chatham-Summit) brought us a request to the Lockport-Brinkerhoff Fund, with the approval of the Advancement Committee, for a disbursement of $2,500.00 to help Adirondack Monthly Meeting make needed maintenance and repairs, and upgrade accessibility.  The request was approved. 

2014-07-51. Friends specifically approved the following nominations, not included in our earlier Consent Agenda because the nominated Friends are not members of our own Yearly Meeting: 

Oakwood Friends School (Board of Managers)

    2017 Mary Alexander ('08) Phila. YM
    2017 Philip Richmond ('08) Baltimore YM

Youth Committee

    2017 Melinda Wenner Bradley Phila. YM

2014-07-52. The following additional nominations, which were not ready for inclusion in our earlier Consent Agenda, were brought forward:   

H.H. Mosher Fund Committee 2019 Frederica Azania Clare (Fifteenth Street)
Assistant Treasurer 2015 Paula McClure (Montclair)
Sessions Committee 2015 Roseann Press (Housatonic) (co-opted)
Junior Yearly Meeting 2016 Mark Hewitt (Chatham-Summit)
  2017 Eleanor Rosenberg (Ithaca)
  2017 Abigail Burford (Montclair)
Young Adult Concerns Committee 2015 Lily Bergstein (Ithaca) (co-opted)

    The nominations were approved.  Roseann Press, current clerk of the Sessions Committee, was specifically approved for an eighth year of service, despite the prescribed term limit, due to an unusual, recently-discovered error in past record-keeping.

2014-07-53. The Sessions Committee, by its clerk, Roseann Press, delivered its oral report.  The attendance breakdown in Junior Yearly Meeting was:  JYM-time childcare, 28; rising into Grades 1-2, 12; Grades 3-4, 18; Grades 5-6, 13; Grades 7-9, 25; and Grades 10-12, 29.  The monies raised for the Sharing Fund and Powell House totaled $7,287, breaking down as $629.84 from the Fun(d) Fair, approximately $1,200 from the Tagless Tag Sale, and $5,457.00 from Café Night.  Registrants also donated over $400 to offset costs of childcare that was provided to our youngest Friends by the Silver Bay Association.  Sixty registrants at Summer Sessions received assistance from the Equalization Fund to be able to attend.  Roseann earnestly solicited our comments and evaluations, in light of the several changes and innovations in the week's schedule and content.  Friends are emphatically invited to New York City for our Fall Sessions in November.  The report was received. 

2014-07-54. Colleen Hardiman (Purchase) accompanied by Kate Moss (Fifteenth Street) of the Epistle Committee brought to us for its second reading the Epistle, as informed by Friends' response to the first reading of earlier in the day.  After adding a few carefully placed words, Friends approved the Epistle. View the Epistle here.)

2014-07-55. The Minutes of this evening's session were read, corrected and approved in stages during the meeting.

2014-07-56. The clerks were invited to stand down and join the body of the Yearly Meeting for a closing period of worship at 9:00.  The Yearly Meeting then adjourned, to meet again at Fifteenth Street Meeting on November 14-16, 2014.