Spring Sessions 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016 - 6:00pm to Sunday, April 17, 2016 - 12:00pm


Spring Sessions 2016

April 1–3, 2016

First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens
Somerset, New Jersey
Rahway & Plainfield Meetinghouse
Plainfield, New Jersey


Welcome to the summary page for New York Yearly Meeting's 2016 Spring Sessions.

Hosts. Shrewsbury & Plainfield Half-yearly Meeting hosted Spring Sessions 2016, held April 1–3 in central New Jersey in the following locations:

Saturday, April 2: First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, Somerset, New Jersey. (This was the location planned for Fall Sessions 2012, but Hurricane Sandy made that impossible.)

Friday evening and Sunday morning, April 1 and 3: Plainfield Meetinghouse, Plainfield, New Jersey.

Minutes of the Spring Sessions

Actions taken by the gathered body of the Yearly Meeting

  • Changes to Faith and Practice—first readings:
  • We laid down the Yearly Meeting on Ministry and Counsel.
  • New ARCH publication. ARCH presented their new publication, Quaker Values and End of Life Decision Making. Contact the yearly meeting office for copies at a cost of $12.50, postage not included.
  • New NYYM staff
  • Interim actions. We heard of interim actions on behalf of the yearly meeting by the clerk and general secretary of the yearly meeting: letters of condolence and solidatiry with Friends in France and Belgium following terrorist attacks in cities of those countries (see below).
  • Pay-as-led at Summer Sessions. The yearly meeting is exploring a pay-as-led approach to attending Summer Sessions, modeled on the approach used by New England Yearly Meeting.
  • Witness endorsement. We agreed to endorse as a yearly meeting the "The March for a Clean Energy Revolution".

Documents from the Sessions

Reports to Sessions

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