Summer Sessions 2013: Accommodations

Summer Sessions

July 21–27, 2013 • Silver Bay, New York





Staying on Campus

The Inn at Silver Bay

Room Reservations

The Yearly Meeting office will send your reservation forms to Silver Bay YMCA, which will acknowledge your room reservation and request a nonrefundable room deposit of 25 percent per person, to be applied to your final bill. Do not send room deposits to the NYYM office. The balance of the Silver Bay charges must be paid at the SB desk before you leave. Silver Bay cannot guarantee housing or food for those who do not preregister.

Preference for rooms is given to those who stay for the entire week. Rooms are assigned in the order in which requests are received. We advise that you register early. All rooms are for double occupancy. Beds for children may be added to some of the larger rooms. If you require a single room you may want to consider off-campus accommodations.

If no rooms are available at your price, you may be assigned to a room at a higher price. You will receive prior notice if this is necessary. A few double beds are available in the Inn, Bayview, and Trinity. If you would like one, please indicate that on your registration form. Room reservations will not be held after 6:00 pm on the day of your expected arrival unless the room is completely prepaid or you call Silver Bay to notify them of your late arrival. If you need to cancel, call Silver Bay (518-543-8833, ext. 350) so your room can be reassigned.
Silver Bay room check-in begins at 4:00 pm on Sunday, July 21. Checkout time is 11:00 am daily. Luggage can be left in designated areas after checking out. Those not out of their rooms by 11:00 am will be charged for an extra day. No refunds are issued for early departures, unless arrangements are made prior to check-in.

All rates are per person and include a 5% gratuity.

Suites in Bayview and the Inn have a surcharge of $25 per day, in addition to all other charges, if occupied by fewer than three persons. The half-conference rate is for those attending from Sunday, July 21, to Wednesday, July 24, or Wednesday, July 24, to Saturday, July 27. The extra day rates are for those who wish to arrive on Saturday, July 20. Silver Bay does not guarantee that you will be assigned to the same room on the extra day.

Clustering (staying in rooms that are close together) is required of all parents/guardians/sponsors and the children they are supervising. Send in your registrations together.

No one should go to Silver Bay YMCA without an advance registration with New York Yearly Meeting and assurance from Silver Bay that there is room for you.

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Lean-to and Tent Camping at Silver Bay and Rogers Rock State Park

Lean-tos. Are you a camper or camping family? Friends experienced in woodland camping may wish to consider the Silver Bay YMCA Adirondack-style lean-tos on Ryan’s Ridge, a 15-minute hike up Woodside Trail on the west side of Route 9. There are two sturdy lean-tos, picnic tables, and a privy. There is no water at the site, but campers may use the bathrooms and showers in the basement of Fisher Gymnasium. Each lean-to accommodates four or five people. Rental for each person is $25 per night, which includes the daily off-campus day membership and allows campers to use all of the other Silver Bay facilities. It does not include meals.

Tents. Closer to campus are two raised wooden tent platforms on a knoll behind the gym. Each platform is 20 by 20 feet, large enough for a family tent or two smaller ones. The rental rate is also $25 per person, per night. Bathrooms with showers are available in the nearby gym basement.

If one of these options is attractive to you, please contact John Cooley, or Miriam McGiver (contact information in the Yearbook), or the NYYM office at [email protected]. Indicate Lean-to or Tent Camping on your registration form. Smoking is not permitted in either camping area.

Rogers Rock State Park. Rogers Rock State Park, near Ticonderoga, is familiar to many campers from past years. Use or call 150-456-2267 for information and reservations. Previous campers suggest asking for sites 226 – 236, and reserve early.

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Off-Campus and Day Registration

Friends camping, commuting, or taking rooms off-campus are asked to give their addresses for the week on the registration form. Otherwise, please supply this information when registering at Silver Bay. Badges are required for all attenders. Replacement charge for lost badges is $2.

People staying on campus pay for the use of facilities through their lodging costs; those living off-campus (including lean-t0 and tent platform), and daily commuters pay for the use of the facilities through a day-use fee, paid when checking in at Silver Bay YMCA. This fee allows use of the facilities, including the swimming areas, gym, art center, and boathouse.

Day-use fees for use of facilities for off-campus and day guests are as follows:

Per Day: $23 per adult
  $16 per youth 6–17
  $39 per family
Per Week: $138 per adult
  $96 per youth 6–17
  $234 per family

(Family is defined as members who share a household and live together as a family unit.) Children five and under pay no day-use fee when accompanied by a paying adult guest.
Meal tickets for the Silver Bay dining room can be purchased at the Inn front desk in advance of desired meals.

The cost per meal is:
    Breakfast: $12
    Lunch: $12
    Dinner: $18

Youth ages 6–17 are half the adult rate. Children five and under eat for no charge when accompanied by a paying adult.

If you intend to buy meal tickets when you arrive at Silver Bay, please indicate this on your registration form.

A name badge must be worn and a meal ticket purchased by anyone staying off-campus who wants to eat in the dining room.

Note: if you are only coming one day for a meeting or event . . .
    Silver Bay has established a special day-use fee of $5 per person (plus any meal purchased) for persons presenting or attending a meeting on just that day and not staying overnight. A list of these participants must be provided to Silver Bay at least one week prior to the conference week, and the attender must also register at the front desk upon arrival. Silver Bay YMCA needs to know who is on campus. Send your name to Helen Garay Toppins, [email protected] or 212-673-5750 by July 15 to take advantage of this special rate. If you are on a committee that plans a one-day meeting during Summer Sessions, and know of someone on your committee who might be planning a one-day visit, spread the word!

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Alert to Guests Needing a Roommate

Silver Bay YMCA will make every effort to find you a roommate but cannot guarantee to find one. Guests will be less likely to incur a single-room rate if they make their own contact for rooming together. Silver Bay will inform registrants one week prior to arrival if they are unable to find a roommate. All guests are responsible to make full payment for the period for which they register regardless of their actual length of stay; thus a remaining roommate would not be financially responsible for the early, unplanned departure of another roommate (since there is no refund for early departure). A guest who has no roommate registered will be charged for the single rate. To be sure there are no misunderstandings, it is best for roommates to check in together at Silver Bay when they arrive.

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Food Service at Silver Bay

Friends, please remember: you must be wearing your name badge to enter the dining hall.

Meals begin with dinner on Sunday evening and conclude with lunch on Saturday. If you plan to arrive at Silver Bay early enough to have lunch on Sunday, you must make arrangements with Silver Bay YMCA in advance to purchase this meal; it is not part of the conference package.

Silver Bay will provide standard and vegetarian menu choices for each meal. Vegetarian meals include eggs, milk, and cheese, but no meat or fish. Silver Bay cannot accommodate “specialty” diets. Lunch and dinner both have a full salad bar. If you are a vegetarian, please indicate this on your registration form.

For those with other special dietary needs, we recommend that you bring your own food. Silver Bay will provide refrigeration. A refrigerator will be made available in the dining hall for baby food, etc., for use during meal times. It will not be available after 7:00 p.m. Cooking facilities for those with special dietary needs (though not for campers) will be available in Paine Hall—1st floor off rotunda. The Silver Bay cooks will not add salt to either the regular food or the vegetarian food. Salt shakers will be available on the tables.

The dining hall opens at 5:00 p.m. each day for dinner. This is to help ease the way for families with small children and Friends who are physically challenged, along with their helpers, in the hope these Friends will have the time and space to get their meals and settle in before the larger group steps into the line. Please allow these Friends to go to the front of the line at all meal times and remind them to feel comfortable stepping up. We also encourage all of the community to lend a hand to anyone who might seem overwhelmed and in need of help carrying plates, bowls, etc., getting drinks, or navigating the busy dining hall. Mealtimes can be stressful for the youngest among us, our physically challenged friends, and their families and helpers. Your kindness will be deeply appreciated.

The food service coordinator is Martha Gurvich.

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