Report: Meeting for Discernment, 2014-04

Meetings for Discernment Steering Committee Report to Spring Sessions 2014


The Winter 2014 Sessions were held at Purchase Monthly Meeting on March 1, 2014. Just over 60 Friends from over 30 monthly meetings attended and considered the following queries:

Life is movement. What tools do we each have for finding our center and for linking it with others? What happens when we make that connection? What are the markers on our spiritual compass?
    How do we cope with pain when we find it in meeting? In our community? In the world? Is there a gift in the pain?

Friends from at least 19 meetings spoke. Here is a brief taste of the ministry: it was noted that what we are good at has no words; we were reminded that it is an abundant universe; we heard a variety of ways with which to seek and hold the center, including yoga, Quaker practices, reading, and committee work. The full report will be available soon on the NYYM website.

Four friends served as note takers and about 20 elders shared the service of holding the meetings in prayer.

The Meeting for Discernment Steering Committee releases Alanna Badgley (Poughkeepsie) and Irene Goodman (Manhasset) from service on the committee and appoints Beverly Archibald (Manhattan) and Ruth Bryan (Scarsdale) to threeyear terms.

Lucinda Antrim, clerk
Meetings for Discernment Steering Committee

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