Quaker Resources: Membership

Print Resources on Membership

Print resources available from the FGC Quaker bookstore, quakerbooks.org.

  • Caring, Conviction, Commitment: Dilemmas of Quaker Membership Today, Alistair Heron; $4.
  • Convinced Quakerism, 2003 Walton Lecture, Ben Pink Dandelion; Southeastern YM; $5.
  • Members One of Another: The Dynamics of Membership in Quaker Meeting, Tom Gates; Pendle Hill Pamphlet #371; $6.50.
  • Moving into Membership, Committee on Eldership and Oversight, BrYM; $12.50.
  • A Quaker Path: A Spiritual Journey from Visitor to Attender to Member, Membership Brochure Working Group, Western Quarterly Meeting, PhYM.