NYYM Youth Institutes

Youth Institutes: Meeting the Needs of Quaker Youth

What are Youth Institutes?

Youth Institutes offer a forum for participants to:

  • Share what is working in monthly meetings and regions
  • Explore ways through the difficulties encountered
  • Discuss frameworks for thinking about programming for youth.

The Institutes include hands-on training in various aspects of youth work per the interest of participants through a choice of mini-workshops, which might include:

  • Community building activities, the use of games in spiritual work
  • Identifying opportunities for and leading service-learning programs
  • Avenues for spiritual growth in youth
  • Exploring sex & gender issues
  • Available curriculum, curriculum design and modification
  • Teens and Quakerism Today
  • Art as a spiritual medium

The institutes are open to anyone interested in making their meeting a multigenerational faith community.


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