Minutes, Nurture Coordinating Committee, 04-13-13

Nurture Coordinating Committee Minutes

April, 2013


2013.4.01            The following Friends were present: Karen Snare, Bulls Head-Oswego, Elizabeth Edminster, 15th Street; John Edminster, 15th Street; Roger Dreisbach-Williams, Rahway & Plainfield; Irene Goodman, Manhasset; Robert Kazmeyer (SunFire)            Easton; Ro Press, Housatonic; Diane Keefe, Wilton; Gabrielle Savory Bailey, Chatham-Summit; Anthony Christopher-Smith, New Brunswick; Audrey Jaynes, Montclair; Rima Segal, Rochester; Melanie-Claire Mallison, Ithaca; Norma Ellis, Scarsdale; Deborah Dickinson, Butternuts; Deborah Wood, Purchase

2013.4.02:             After a period of gathering worship, the Clerk reviewed the agenda.

2013.4.03:             None of the named representatives will be able to attend the FUM Board meeting in Jamaica in June.  The representatives had been unable to find a Friend to attend in their stead.

2013.4.04:            JYM Coordinator Melanie-Claire Mallison (Ithaca) presented a minute from the JYM Committee.  They look forward to creating a sub-committee to coordinate youth programming at Fall and Spring Sessions for a 3 year trial period, possibly beginning this year.  The minute is attached. This will be considered further at Summer Sessions.

2013.4.05:            It is recommended that the original charge to the JYM Planning Committee be reviewed.

2013.4.06:             Young Adult Field Secretary Gabrielle Savory Bailey (Chatham Summit) described an upcoming program at Powell House, “Developing a Quaker Toolbox:  a weekend for families of all ages” May 10-12, 2013, that will explore and practice the skills of Quakerism to use with each other, their Monthly Meetings and their regions.  The weekend will be facilitated by Gabrielle and Audrey Jaynes (Montclair).

2013.4.07:             The Clerk reported that the NCC Page on the Yearly Meeting Website is a work in progress.

2013.4.08:             Roger Dreisbach-Williams (Rahway & Plainfield) agreed to prepare a Mission Statement for the NCC page on the Website. 

2013.4.09:             The multi-crate Resource Library that has been under the care and tutelage of Florence McAllister needs someone to take over from Florence McAllister who is unable to continue.  Several Friends spoke of the benefit they had received from using it. The collection needs to be kept up to date, and take into account the impact of new technology.  An accessible location needs to be found. It is recommended that the person who takes it on be a librarian.

2013.4.10:            The Chwele Task Group report was presented by Diane Keefe (Wilton).  Although the Yearly Meeting is not ready to endorse a partnership with Chwele Yearly Meeting, the Task Group is proceeding with engagement through individual projects.  Books             have been sent and more are needed.  Funds are being raised so that Friends with AVP experience could travel to Chwele to meet with Healing & Rebuilding Our Communities [HROC] facilitators to learn from their experience with reconciliation following inter-communal bloodshed after the 2008 elections.  There is a possible fund raising “Café Night” at 15th Street Meetinghouse on May 29 and 30.  Those interested in performing should contact Diane. Publicity will be available soon.

2013.4.11:            The Chwele Task Group has learned that the Tigard Community Friends Church in Oregon has been sending work groups to Chwele since 1991.  They have financed the construction of several buildings there, including a peace center that has not been completed for lack of funds.

2013.4.12:            The Clerk presented a draft of the Advance Report for comment. The draft is attached. The clerk asks for changes.

2013.4.13:             The Clerk presented a proposal for a series of facilitated Family Conversations during Summer Sessions, with separate programs for families with pre-schoolers, elementary school aged, and teen-agers during Rest and Relaxation time on separate days.  There was concern about scheduling during a time when nothing is supposed to be scheduled, and how this would fit with what already takes place informally.

2013.4.14:            The Clerk announced that Joyce Schroder will lead an Interest Group on Quaker Leadership at Summer Sessions. She had been the keynote speaker on this topic at Earlham School of Religion leadership conference in 2012.

2013.4.15;             The Clerk expressed concern for committee functioning.  Clerkship is not meant to be a life-time appointment.  Clerking skills need to be developed along with a succession plan.  Committees were reminded that they may call upon Friends who are not committee members to work on specific projects.

2013.4.16:            The Young Adult Concerns Committee report was presented by Anthony Christopher-Smith (New Brunswick).   There will be a weekend on spiritual self-care, entitled “Replenishing the Well”, 5/31-6/2 in the Finger Lakes Region.  Please contact Gabi Savory Bailey for more information.  They are also setting up a Planning Committee to plan up to 3 conferences per year.  The Committee was reminded that they need to name a representative to Sessions.

2013.4.17:            The clerk will distribute reports from YFIR and the Powell House Committee that she had received prior to this meeting.

2013.4.18:             Following the approval of the minutes and a period of closing worship, we departed in peace.


Roger Dreisbach-Williams, Acting Recording Clerk

Deborah Wood, NCC Clerk

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