Minutes, Nurture Coordinating Committee, 04-05-14


April 5, 2014 - Spring Sessions 2014, Rochester


Present: Clerk Deb Wood, Lucinda Antrim, Gabi Savory-Baily (Young Adult Field Secretary), Mike Clark (FWCC Powell House), Norma Ellis (Aging Concerns), Aldona Januszkiewicz (JYM), Francis O’Hara, Jen Perry (at-large member), Ron Peterson (YFIR), Nick Rozard (Young Adults), Anthony Smith (Young Adults), Karen Snare (FGC), Barbara Spring (ARCH), Rebekah Tanner (ARCH librarian, JYM), Dare Thompson (Aging Concerns), Carl Tulevech

Regrets: Roseann Press, Colleen Hardiman


The meeting opened with silent worship. All present introduced themselves. Dare Thompson agreed to serve as Recording Clerk for this meeting.

Committee clerks were reminded that by the close of Summer Sessions they need to appoint a representative to Nurture Coordinating Committee and they should give these names to Deb.

We need a nominating committee that will bring names to the Nurture CC at Summer Sessions for clerk, assistant clerk, recording clerk, and a representative to the Meetings for Discernment Steering Committee. Aldona and Dare agreed to serve as the Nominating Committee.

The Drug and Alcohol Task Group, clerked by Jen Perry, had a good turn-out this afternoon. Her written report is attached. Jen shared some of the highlights with us, which led to a lengthy discussion. Aldona pointed out that the high-schoolers are really working on the Summer Sessions issue on their own. Gabi said that they’re proactive about planning evening activities. Deb pointed out that part of the challenge at Summer Sessions is adults who are violating the Quaker testimony of integrity by going against Silver Bay’s rules against the use of illicit drugs and alcohol on their campus. We recognized the need to address the underlying stresses that lead to the problems. We also recognize that if we say there are consequences to certain behaviors, we need to enforce them, but Jen isn’t sure we’re ready as a body to do this. We’re looking at bigger issues than just behaviors – we’re looking at cultural change with all ages. We’ll be more explicit about the resources available at Silver Bay (e.g. 12 step programs). Deb pointed out that the community-building Jen did last night was very helpful.

There will be an intergenerational community-building retreat, “Nurturing Friends – Young, Old, and Everyone in Between” on September 12 –14 at Powell House.  Facilitators will be John Scardina, Melinda Wenner Bradley and Chris DeRoller, all of whom have experience working with young people. The flyer will be available from Powell House and on the NYYM website. We are encouraged to encourage attendees from our monthly meetings. We will investigate the possibility of providing funds for families and others who would like to participate but for whom cost could be a barrier. We will also encourage monthly meetings to make funds available to support attendees.

The Accountability Queries will be on our agenda for Summer Sessions.


AGING CONCERNS:  Barbara said that ARCH needs attendees for our May 16 –18th Visitor training weekend and we ask everyone to encourage Friends to attend. Two one-day caregiver workshops were very successful. The Committee is reviewing its strategic plan, looking at a new staffing model down the road, and planning for the 2015 grant application to the Friends Foundation for the Aging (FFA). The ARCH program is funded by FFA, and 10% of the grant goes to NYYM for administration.

FGC: Karen Snare reported that the annual Gathering will be June 29 – July 5 in California, Pennsylvania. Registration is open and information is on the website.

FWCC: Mike reported that he and Sylke Jackson attended the Section meeting in El Salvador where most of the participants were evangelical Friends.  Two youth from NYYM, Isabella Aguirre, Purchase Meeting, and Jessica Chapman, Wilton Meeting, will be going on the FWCC Youth Pilgrimage of about 24 young people during July and August in Peru and Bolivia. The cost for each attendee will be about $3000. The NCC approved awards of $300 each to Jessica and Isabella. Gloria Thompson will attend the Executive Committee meeting of FWCC, Section of the Americas, in North Carolina. She has been appointed as a member of the Executive Committee. The NYYM FWCC committee would welcome additional committee members.

JYM:  Aldona reported that JYM is looking into better ways of tracking their expenses and making accurate projections about future expenses.

POWELL HOUSE: Aldona also reported for Powell House. The Committee is working on strategic planning, the physical plant, succession, and being a more accessible resource for NYYM with a focus on bringing the work of monthly meetings to the fore – e.g. a follow-up to the apology to African-Americans, and naming the leadings that Friends are sharing. This committee would also welcome new members.

YOUNG ADULT CONCERNS:  Anthony said the committee is meeting more regularly, sometimes to attend to business and sometimes to address spiritual concerns. He and Gabi reported that there will be a mini-retreat for young adults at Chatham-Summit Meeting in New Jersey on April 19 and one in Alfred on May 21. Others are being planned.

YFIR: Ron Peterson reported that the committee is thinking that may be time to lay this program down.

Youth Committee: Report attached.

Jen Perry reported that the Meetings for Discernment Steering Committee requests that we work with Ministry Coordinating Committee to update the Faith & Practice section on elders. Deb will follow up on this.

The minutes were approved. The meeting closed with silent worship.

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