Minute: YouthQuake on Sexual Orientation

YouthQuake Minute

From the 2004 NYYM Summer Session

30. Sarah Faith Dickinson, clerk of the Nurture Coordinating Committee, introduced Christine DeRoller, Yearly Meeting Representative to the YouthQuake Planning Committee, who brought the following minute for our approval.

New York Yearly Meeting supports YouthQuake's invitation to build a spiritual community based on love, respect, truth and understanding across the breadth of Friends. We understand and support the focus of YouthQuake as a corporate exploration and experience of Christ-centered Quaker spirituality. We recognize that even among Christian Quakers there is diversity in our practices and core beliefs. There are Christians who believe that Christ has come to teach his people himself (continuing revelation) and those who believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. There are Christians who believe in eternal damnation and those who believe God's grace is a gift for all. There are Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin and those who believe it is part of God's creation and yet another expression of the infinite love that is Christ's. We call upon the YouthQuake Planning Committee to be open to leadership from across this breadth of Christian Quaker practices and beliefs, including leadership in the form of gifted youth workers who are homosexual as well as heterosexual.

Friends approved the minute.