Minute: JYM 2008 on Sexual Orientation

JYM Senior High Group

During the 2005 NYYM Summer Sessions, Friends met each day with the Senior High Group to talk about the adult business sessions. When the group heard about the FGC minute and the concerns that arose in the session, the young friends set about to write their own minute. Following proper Quaker practice, they wrote and approved a minute, and presented it to the adult sessions in Friday.

We the Senior High Group of New York Yearly Meeting, encouraged by FGC's minute on gifts in ministry across a range of sexual orientations, wish to relay our full support of the equality of the entire human race. We reaffirm our beliefs in the Quaker testimony of equality in that, despite all differences including but not limited to differences in belief system, gender, physical attributes, or sexual orientation, everyone has the same Light Within and so deserves the same rights and respect.

Our concern is that each person be recognized for their Inner Light and the characteristics that make them individuals. Our differences in beliefs, race, abilities, and sexuality are the source of our strength as a group. Without them we would not be the wonderfully diverse and original people that we pride ourselves on being. By allowing ourselves to appreciate each person's individuality we give ourselves the opportunity to become closer to the Light, to each individual and to ourselves.

We request that our witness be added as an addendum to the NYYM Epistle. We also ask that those who read this take the time to search for their own truth in our words. We ask the monthly meetings to labor with this topic and to forward our witness to their high school groups for further discussion. Our hope is to encourage contemplation and digestion of this issue that many of us hold close to our hearts.

Approved July 27, 2005