Minute: Ithaca Meeting on Sexual Orientation and Marriage

Ithaca Monthly Meeting

Minutes of the May 2006 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business of the Ithaca Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, Inc.

Beth Jolles, Clerk
Tom Brown, Assistant Clerk
Melanie-Claire Mallison, Recording Clerk
Steve Mohlke, Treasurer

200605.3. Consideration of Previously Laid Over Minutes
A. Spiritual Gifts
Ministry & Oversight requested the following minute be considered in addition to our Marriage: Same Sex Unions Minute passed February 13, 1995:

The IMMRSF, in deliberation on the subject of same-sex union, celebrates and supports the diversity of caring human relationships. We accept for Clearness for Marriage under the care of the Meeting any loving, committed relationship between two adults.

The Ithaca Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends agrees that spiritual gifts are distributed without regard to gender identity or to a person being heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgendered, and we affirm that we are all equal before God. Our Quaker testimony guides us to an all-embracing practice of human equality.

Ithaca Monthly Meeting approved this minute.