Fall Sessions 2010: Clerk's Letter

Letter from Clerk

Beloved Friends,

I pray that Truth is prospering among us!

Below you will find information regarding the business anticipated to come forward at our Fall Sessions. The proposed order of worship includes what we know now; it is subject to change! We will likely not have time for everything—but we will have the opportunity to deepen in faithfulness as we take the time needed for each item, and let go of our own ideas of what should happen when, and practice patience if we need to wait till the spring to consider some items.

Please prepare for Sessions, whether or not you expect to attend, by praying for the faithfulness, ministry, and work of the Yearly Meeting; reading and reflecting on the following documents; and discussing them with others at your meeting.

Emma Condori, a visitor at our recent Summer Sessions, writes an account of her experience with us in the October issue of Quaker Life. As a student in Bolivia, Emma benefited from a scholarship from the Bolivian Quaker Education Fund, a ministry dear to NYYM Friends. Emma now studies at Earlham School of Religion, where this fall she serves as coclerk of the school’s Student Meeting for Business. Emma writes words that are a wonderful encouragement as our meeting prepares to gather again: “...I believe that in the Quaker community there is much love, patience and hope to discuss business issues as we wait upon God.”

In loving, joyful, and expectant friendship,
Heather M. Cook (Chatham-Summit)
clerk, NYYM

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