Fall Sessions 2010: Agenda

Proposed Order of Worship

Saturday 10:00–12:00

Report on AFSC/NYYM joint statement “A Call to Understanding and Peace”
General Services

  • General secretary report (?)
  • Sessions Committee report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Financial Services report
  • Travel reports and minutes for Kristina Keefe-Perry and Callid Keefe-Perry (Rochester) (?)

Saturday 4:00–5:15

Consent agenda
          Slate of new nominations and requests
Proposed change of General Secretary Supervisory Task Group to General
Secretary Supervisory Committee

General Services

  • Financial Services report (if needed)


  • Young Friends in Residence (YFIR) report


  • Proposed change to Handbook page for Prisons Committee

Sunday 9:00–10:30

General Services

  • Financial Services report (if needed)
  • Sessions Committee report on Fall Sessions


  • First reading of Handbook page for Youth Committee (if approved by NCC)
  • Report from representatives to Friends United Meeting board
  • Travel minute report from Peter Lang (Chatham-Summit) (?)


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