Donating to New York Yearly Meeting

General Fund - The General Fund supports all of the work of the yearly meeting. 


ARCH Fund - Contributions to the ARCH fund support our ministry of care and nurture for each other as we grow older. Funding supports costs for volunteer training and enrichment, development and facilitation of workshops and learning opportunities, coordination and connection of needs with resources, and advocacy for older people in prison.


Sharing Fund - The Sharing Fund supports the witness of NYYM in the wider world. The majority of Sharing Fund income is used to support work of Witness committees. A significant minority is used to make grants to monthly meetings who apply for financial help with specific projects. In some years, some Sharing Fund income goes to augment the $300 annual contributions to outside Quaker organizations and the NY and NJ Councils of Churches from the NYYM operating budget.


Equalization Fund Fund - The Equalization Fund was established to help members and attenders of Monthly Meetings within New York Yearly Meeting attend NYYM Sessions that they would otherwise be unable to afford. Like other NYYM Treasurer-Managed Funds, the Equalization Fund (EQ) is able to receive contributions, disburse money, and carry over balances from year-to-year. Typically, the EQ is used upon request to off-set the cost of registration and or meals at Spring and Fall Sessions, and room & board at Summer Sessions.