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Sit anyplace you wish. We worship simply. We have no ceremony, minister, religious symbols, or pre‑arranged service. We do not recite creeds, sing hymns, or repeat set prayers.

A Quaker meeting is based on silent waiting, in expectation that God will speak to us. Most people want to find God at some time in their lives ‑ perhaps because of some personal experience or a particular problem. Whatever is on your mind at the moment, bring it with you into the silence.

We break the silence when someone rises to speak. Anyone may speak, provided it is a response to the prompting of the Spirit. This breaks ‑ but doesn't interrupt ‑ the meeting's silence.

Receive these messages in an open way. The speaker wants to help those present. Our needs differ. If the message does not "speak to your condition," try to reach the Spirit behind the words.

During meeting, some people have a profound sense of awe and wonder because they know God's presence.

Others may simply become aware that this shared experience leads beyond each single person to a greater whole.

In the quietness of our Quaker meeting, we become aware of a deep and powerful Spirit of love and truth that transcends ordinary experience.

Two designated members of the meeting will signal the end of the worship period by shaking hands.

All present then exchange handshakes and greetings with those around them. Newcomers are invited to introduce themselves, and to join us for a time of hospitality

Our meeting for worship begins at 10:00 AM, and concludes at 11:00 AM.

Thank you for joining us today. We hope to welcome you back many, many times.

 "And so I find it well to come for deeper rest to this still room,
For here the habit of the soul
Feels less the outer world's control.
The strength of mutual purpose pleads
More earnestly our common needs;
And from the stillness multiplied
By these still forms on either side,
The world that time and sense have known
Falls off
and leaves us God alone."

 ‑John Greenleaf Whittier


 New York Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice

Friends for 350 Years, by Howard Brinton

A Testament of Devotion, by Thomas Kelly

The Faith and Practice of Quakers, by Rufus Jones

You may order these books from the Friends General Conference Bookstore
(1‑800 966‑4556; quakerbooks.org), or, if available, borrow them from our library. The Friends General Conference Bookstore Catalog will provide further suggestions. We have pamphlets for you to borrow on racks in the meeting room; and others in the hallway you may keep.


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