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Welcome to Manhasset Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. One of four meetings located in Nassau County, we meet every Sunday at 10 AM in our meetinghouse at 1421 Northern Boulevard, Manhasset, New York 11030.

The Religious Society of Friends is commonly known as Quakers. From its beginning in mid-17th century England, Quakers have been considered mystics, depending on personal experience of the divine rather than creeds or sacraments to rise above the sinful state and strive for the perfection preached by Jesus in His sermon on the Mount.

Accordinglly, Manhasset Meeting is dedicated to providing a space for all people to experience the Divine directly, at their own pace and in their own way on their spiritual journey through life. We gather together to worship, with no clergy or creed but only that of God within each of us as our guide, for an hour of meditation in silence, during which we will sometimes speak, pray, share, or sing, expressing lovingly whatever arises from our souls.

All are invited to join us in finding peace in a less than peaceful world by listening to the Spirit within, and in reaching out to a world in pain according to our leadings from the Spirit—the same Light that opened the eyes of our ancestors to the need for human dignity for all and a continual seeking of the divine. Our meeting is small and our resources limited, but we share with the wider community of Friends a rich communion and many opportunities to bring compassion into the world.

If you want to know more about Manhasset Meeting, we invite you to read some testimonies of our members, as found here.