NYYM Outreach & Advancement

Resources for Friends and Meetings interested in Quaker advancement and outreach.

About Outreach and Advancement

Outreach refers to efforts by Friends and local, regional, and yearly meetings to reach out to their communities in various ways, to participate in the life of the community. to "publish our truth," sharing the Quaker message, to let the world know we're here and attract folks who might want to explore the Quaker way as their own path.

Advancement refers to efforts to deepen and advance Quakerism. It therefore includes aspect of "inreach," efforts to better equip meetings to do outreach and prepare them to be communities that welcome and readily include newcomers.

A Yearly Meeting Priority. In our Statement of Leadings and Priorities, adopted in 2014, we embraced outreach and advancement as one aspect of one of our Priorieties: We Envision A Yearly Meeting That Supports and Amplifies Our Witness. Click the following to read the full statement for this Priority.

NYYM Resources for Outreach and Advancmeent

Advancement Task Group

The NYYM Advancement Task Group is an ad hoc group of NYYM Friends who hold a concern for advancement and outreach in the yearly meeting.
Visit the Advancement Task Group web page.

Advancement Committee

The Advancement Committee is a standing committee charged with advancement in the yearly meeting. The Committee is currently suspended and this work is now under the care of the Advancement Task Group.

Outreach Roundtables

Outreach Roundtables are one-day programs held in a local meeting for Friends in the region interested in outreach. They are designed to offer local meetings timely topics, new tools, and concrete take-aways for outreach activities.
Visit the Outreach Roundtables web page.

Print Resources

Our Resources section has books and pamphlets on outreach and advancement, plus brochures for meetings to use as handouts for visitors on aspects of the Quaker way and samples with ideas for your own brochures.
Visit our Resources page on Outreach and Advancement.

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