NYYM Handbook: Prisons Committee, Revision Approved

Submitted on 11/13/2010

Proposed revision to Prisons Committee Handbook page

Prisons Committee has proposed a revision to its description and mission statement in the Handbook that would expand its functions and activities to encompass “outreach to prison worship group members who are in hospital” and “referral assistance for those coming home from prison”. This revision has been considered and recommended by Witness Coordinating Committee for approval by the New York Yearly Meeting Body. It is consistent with the purposes and objectives of Prisons Committee, and reflects work actually being undertaken by Prisons Committee.

The revision will be accomplished by adding the following new items to the list of Functions & Activities for Prisons Committee in the NYYM Handbook:

7. to outreach to prison worship group members who are in the hospital
8. provide referral assistance for those coming home from prison

Anyone with questions is invited to contact Jolene Festa (Brooklyn) or Helen Garay Toppins (Morningside), co-clerks of Prisons Committee, or Fred Dettmer (Purchase), clerk of Witness Coordinating Committee.



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