Committee to Revise Faith and Practice


The Committee is charged to revise the Yearly Meeting’s Book of Discipline according to the direction of the Yearly Meeting.


The Committee’s members are approved by the body at the recommendation of the Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee.  It is part of the Ministry Section of the Yearly Meeting and reports to the Ministry Coordinating Committee, which considers the Committee’s recommendations prior to their being conveyed to the body.


At Summer Sessions 2016, the body approved the following procedure to revise Faith and Practice

Proposed revisions to Faith and Practice may originate in a monthly or regional meeting or a Yearly Meeting body. When the proposed revision has been seasoned by the Committee to Revise Faith and Practice and approved by Ministry Coordinating Committee, the Committee to Revise Faith and Practice may bring the proposed revision to any Yearly Meeting session for a first reading. After being brought forward the first time, the proposed revision is brought for a second reading and final approval to a subsequent Yearly Meeting session.


At Fall Sessions 2016, two revisions were approved by the body at the Committee’s recommendation.  One concerned the use of technology in the spiritual work of our Meetings; the other revised the section of Faith and Practice addressing Covenant Relations.  See

The body also received, for a first reading, the following proposed change to the section of Faith and Practice defining the responsibilities of monthly meeting Ministry and Counsel:

SPIRITUAL CARE OF MEMBERS. Seeking divine guidance in their discernment, members of ministry and counsel should seek to:

  • foster the spiritual growth of the meeting membership and enhance their religious life and fellowship, including especially the nurture and strengthening of corporate worship of the meeting;
  • consider individual needs for guidance and to make provision for personal counsel and assistance in matters of interpersonal relationships among members;
  • assist individuals and families confronting problems pertaining to illness, financial matters, marital relations, and decisions of conscience, keeping in mind at all times the limits of ministry and counsel’s expertise;
  • review annually the spiritual condition of the meeting and its membership and to write the State of the Meeting reports;
  • develop programs and conferences, study groups, and public meetings to disseminate information regarding Friends' spiritual concerns and to assist members and attenders to deepen the life of the spirit;
  • where desired by local meetings, consider qualifications and make recommendations concerning recording gifts in ministry or engagement of pastors or meeting secretaries;
  • foster a meeting culture that encourages the emergence of gifts, and assures support and accountability for Friends who carry individual gifts in ministry.

[This replaces the section on p. 122.  Note also the language addressing related topics at p. 118.]


The current version of New York Yearly Meeting’s Faith and Practice, reflecting all approved revisions since the most recent hard-copy printing, is available here

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