Faith & Practice, New York Yearly Meeting


The Book of Discipline

of New York Yearly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends

2015 Edition
with Worship Groups Description

Approved 4 Fourth Month 2014

First Printing, July 2015
Second Printing, April 2016

New York Yearly Meeting
Religious Society of Friends
15 Rutherford Place
New York, NY 10003-3791

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Publication history

1995 Edition

First Printing, January 1996
Second Printing, with corrections, August 1996

1998 Edition (Approved 31 Seventh Month, 1998)

First Printing, December 1998
(1995 Edition, with rewritten sections—Children in Our Families and Meetings—and further correctionsk)

2001 Edition

First Printing, January 2001
Second Printing, August 2005
Third Printing, May 2008
(1998 Edition with further corrections)

2015 Edition

First printing, July 2015
Second printing, April 2016