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Friends —

We're ​ down to the last 100 hours before the People's Climate March.

It's ​ incredible -- we've spent the last six months strengthening this big and beautiful movement ​ of people working together to combat climate change. So many of us experience the climate crisis ​ in such different ways, but coming together for this moment has shown that we all agree that it ​ is time to act.​

Now it's time to bring the People's Climate March to life.

This ​ isn't a communications asking you to spread the word or to volunteer (though we'd ​ love you to do that by clicking here). This is all about what you need ​ to know to help make Sunday, September 21st a success. Here are the key logistical details that ​ you need to know: ​

1. On Sunday, assemble on Central Park West between 65th and ​ 86th Streets.

​We want The People's Climate March to tell the story of today's ​ climate movement and all of its parts - so we're trying something new and arranging the march ​ in a way that helps us thread our many messages together. If you're looking to find a specific ​ group of people to march with, or want to learn more about the narrative of the march and the groups, ​ visit the lineup page here.

​If ​ you're happy just marching through the streets of New York with more people than have ​ ever come together before to demand action on climate change, head to 86th St and Central Park ​ West. The C and 1 trains are closest - make sure to check http://mta.info ​ for the latest updates on service changes or delays. ​

2. ​ Show up at 11:00 am (or earlier!) because the march leaves at 11:30am sharp.

​If ​ you want to march with a specific group, you should show up earlier - some groups like Labor ​ and Interfaith are holding pre-rallies that you can find ​ more details about here. Most importantly, stay flexible and positive, because ​ the march is going to be great wherever you are. No matter what, you'll be surrounded by other ​ people demanding action on climate change in larger numbers than have ever assembled. ​

3. ​ At 12:58pm we're holding a moment of silence in commemoration of the victims of climate ​ change worldwide - and at 1:00pm we'll sound the climate alarm.

​The march ​ is being led by communities directly impacted by the climate and economic crises, and indigenous ​ groups from around the continent and the world. At 12:58, we'll hold a moment of silence to honor ​ those already lost or feeling the impacts. When you see people start linking hands and holding them ​ above their heads, that's the sign the moment of silence is beginning. ​

​At 1:00pm we ​ are going to end that moment of silence with a great, big noise-sounding the climate alarm that has ​ been ignored for too long. You'll know it's time to ring that alarm and make as much noise as you ​ can when you hear 32 marching bands blowing their horns and church bells ring from around the city ​ (make sure bring your own noisemakers). ​

​Coordinating tens of thousands of people in ​ the streets like this is difficult - to help pull it off, please use your cell phone to ​ text ALARM to 97779. We'll send you a message that marks the moment of silence on Sunday ​ and some basic instructions to help spread the word.

4. The march will end on ​ 11th Avenue, where there will be a huge celebration of everything we just accomplished -- a massive ​ People's Block Party.

​The block party will have six different areas, one for ​ each of the march's themes, where you'll be able to learn about the many issues connected to the ​ climate crisis and connect with other people who want to continue to organize around them after ​ the march.

​There will be dozens of food trucks parked nearby, stages with music, poetry ​ and performances from around the world, community groups displaying the art they made for the march, ​ and a powerful ribbon-tying ceremony where you can pledge to continue to take action on climate.

​It's ​ going to be a huge celebration, not only of what we've done, but also of what ​ we will do -- it's the time to talk and get inspired about what comes next after the People's Climate ​ March.

​That's it - that's the plan for Sunday. Until then, the best thing you can ​ do is share ​ this image of the march route to let your friends know you'll be there and ​ that you want them to join you (we also encourage you to forward them this e-mail).

​See ​ you in the streets,
​ ​Leslie, Paul, and everyone on the People's Climate March team ​

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​P.S. ​ If you have more questions about the flow of the day, check out the logistics page and the Frequently Asked Questions ​ at the bottom. They should answer your questions about the big day. ​

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