GOOD ORDER. The procedures, found through Friends' experience, that facilitate our business and committee meetings as we seek to find and carry out God's will.

GOSPEL ORDER. A fellowship of the disciples of Christ that comes into being as the result of the preaching and experience of the Gospel. Our order, organization, testimonies, and closeness come from God through the relationships between people that Jesus described in parables and showed through his healing, counsel, and prophecy. Jesus lives amongst us, counsels and chastises, and leads us in living this order. Our fellowship is local, regional, national, and international at the same time, since we are a spiritual group that Christ heads rather than an episcopal, congregational, or bureaucratic system managed politically.

HOLD IN THE LIGHT. To ask for God's presence to illumine a person, situation, or problem, whether in concern or thanksgiving.

INWARD LIGHT. This refers to the power and inspiration of God and Christ coming inwardly to us to show us our motivations and true selves, correct us, guide us, and lead us, and give us strength to act on this guidance. It thus brings us into unity with the spirit of God. The concept differs from that of conscience, which is a developed awareness of the merits or faults of our conduct, intentions, or character and the sense of obligation to do right. Conscience and the Inward Light are not alternatives or substitutes for each other. The "Inward Light" is also called the "Light Within," the "Christ Within," the "Light of Christ," the "Holy Spirit," and "The Seed." Often, the term is written "Inner Light," implying that the light comes from each of us, an implication that is not part of early Friends' concept.

LABOR WITH. An effort by one or more Friends to help another struggle with a concern or a difficulty and come through to a resolution.

LAY DOWN. To terminate a committee when its work is completed or no longer felt necessary. A monthly meeting may be laid down when it is no longer functioning as such.

LEADING. An inner conviction that impels one to follow a certain course under a sense of divine guidance. A Friend may submit a leading to the meeting for testing by corporate wisdom.

MEETING FOR SUFFERINGS. A committee to support and care for members and their families who suffer because of their commitment to Friends' principles. In Britain in recent years it refers to a representative committee that acts in a deliberative and executive manner for the Religious Society of Friends when the yearly meeting is not in session.

MINDING THE LIGHT. An expression used to remind us that there is an

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