History of Rye Worship Group

In 1672 when George Fox made his first visit to the American Colonies and sent two of his followers to meet with Friends in "Rie on the continent," Quakers from Long Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts were already settled in Mamaroneck. There is no record of a Friends meeting existing in Rye in those early days, but 286 years later, in October 1958, Friends living in the area met to consider the establishment of a meeting. This activity was stimulated by the offer of one Friend to purchase the historic small unused Milton Chapel, which the Rye Episcopal Church wanted to sell. When Friends agreed that the building could be put into usable condition as a meeting house, the purchase was made. Rye Friends Meeting was accepted as a preparative meeting under the care of Purchase Monthly Meeting in February 1959, continuing Purchase's rich tradition of expansion through new meetings.

The small devoted group of Rye Friends began the restoration work on the building and, more importantly, the development of a meeting in which individuals might realize their potential for spiritual growth in an atmosphere of love, unity and faith and, with God's help, walk and abide in the light. During 1960, a First Day school was begun and existed for several years until a reduction in the size of the meeting made it impossible to continue. Although, periodically, the Meeting became discouraged by its slow growth in membership, the small number of Friends and attenders who regularly came to meeting found it of great significance in their spiritual journey.

The Worship group has been laid down.

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