InfoShare, June 2012

N e w   Y o r k   Y e a r l y   M e e t i n g
R e l i g i o u s   S o c i e t y   o f   F r i e n d s
Volume 11 June 2012 Number 3 Editor: Steven Davison


Come to Summer Sessions!

Summer Sessions at Silver Bay are almost upon us! Our plenary speakers, Jon Watts and Maggie Harrison, are talking and singing about the message “Clothe Thyself in Righteousness,” which should reinforce the Summer Sessions theme “Living and Nurturing Integrity.”

The deadline for financial assistance is July 2, 2012. However, getting your request in earlier helps us handle all the requests.

For more information please see May Spark or visit

Car Pool … Train Pool … Taxi Pool
Transportation to Silver Bay

This year the NYYM Sessions Committee is trying to facilitate travel to Summer Sessions at Silver Bay. If you would like to offer a ride, need a ride, or want to share train travel to Silver Bay please contact the NYYM at office [at] Put TRAVEL in the subject line. We are also trying to arrange taxi or volunteer transport to meet the 1:17 p.m. train in Ticonderoga on Sunday, July 22, 2012.

Amtrak has a special offer that's good all summer and into the fall, except Labor Day, for trips to Ticonderoga—from anywhere along the NYC-Montreal route. If two adults travel together the second ticket is free. Kids already travel half price.

Tagless Tag Sale at Silver Bay

Yes, there will be a Tagless Tag Sale at Silver Bay during Summer Sessions this year. The Tagless Tag Sale will be held during the Fun(d) Fair on Wednesday, July 25, from 2:30–5:30 p.m.

If you have sale items (new or used items in good shape) to donate, please contact office [at] Or simply bring your salable items to Silver Bay.

Treasures that you are ready to pass on sell well, as do clothing, jewelry, small electronics, household items, and things for children. The Tagless Tag Sale benefits the Sharing Fund and Powell House. Tax-deduction receipts for in-kind charitable contributions will be available upon request.

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Submit Your News for Summer Sessions and InfoShare

Each day at Summer Sessions the daily Minute is published, informing Friends about updates to the schedule, events, and other items of interest. The Minute for Friday, also known as the take-home Minute because attenders often take it home with them, to share with their meetings, will also form the basis for Summer InfoShare, which will be posted at in August.

Please submit your items to office [at] before August 6, 2012.

“When the Good Do Bad”

Saturday, June 23, 3:00 p.m.
Rahway-Plainfield Meeting

Mary Harpster, clerk, Rahway-Plainfield M&C Committee

Rahway-Plainfield Monthly Meeting would like to invite you to visit us on Saturday, June 23, at 3:00 p.m., when Karen Tibbals will lead a worship sharing inspired by an article in the New York Times by David Brooks entitled “When the Good Do Bad.” Copies of the article will be available that day or can be found on-line. The Rahway-Plainfield Meeting House is across the street from the NJTransit train station in Plainfield, NJ. Directions by car and train may be found at Please, feel free to invite anyone, Friend or not, who might be interested.

Mohawk Valley Midweek Worship

Mohawk Valley Meeting  has begun holding midweek worship twice a month on the first and third Tuesdays of  each month at 7:00 p.m. The meeting is at 2981 Austin Rd., Clinton, NY 13323. All are welcome.

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NYYM’s New Communications Director

Adam Segal-Isaacson, clerk, Communications Committee

NYYM’s new Communications Director, Steven Davison, will start in July 2010. Currently a member of Yardley Meeting (PYM), he was very active in New York Yearly Meeting in the 1980s and 1990s. Steven brings a lot of experience and enthusiasm to his new position. He looks forward to learning his way in the communications director position, but already sees ways NYYM can increase Friends’ sense of community in the Yearly Meeting and effectively reach out to the larger world and draw people toward Friends. He has extensive experience in managing publication and Web projects.

Despite his experience, Steven sees his work for NYYM not merely as a job to be done. “The really important side of all this is the ministry side of it. This position is ministry through words,” he said. He sees the opportunity “to be a midwife to a renewal” by using the communication capabilities of NYYM to reach out and increase community among ourselves. Renewal depends on young people, so it is especially important to draw them into the community. Consequently, he sees himself as helping to lead NYYM into newer methods of intercommunication without abandoning the older more traditional media. Among other writing projects, he currently is writing a book on Quakers and Capitalism. I welcome Steven back to NYYM and look forward to using his ideas to increase our community.

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Travel Schedule for Gabi Savory Bailey
Young Adult Field Secretary

June and July 2012

June 15–18 Young Adult Leadership Development, Pendle Hill
June 23 Brooklyn YAF Picnic, Prospect Park, Brooklyn
June 30 Potluck for NJ Young Adults, Home of Gabi Savory Bailey, Denville, NJ
July 22–28 Summer Sessions, Silver Bay, NY

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Travel Calendar for Christopher Sammond
NYYM General Secretary

May 27–July 31, 2012

27 Visit Rochester MM's multigenerational, semiprogrammed worship, Rochester, NY
3 Visit Farmington MM for Ruth Kinsey's last service, Farmington, NY
22–23 Participate in Priorities Working Group meeting, Dundee, NY
24 Visit Central Finger Lakes MM, Geneva, NY
27–28 Clerk FUM North American Ministries Committee, Richmond, IN
8 Visit Binghamton Community Friends Meeting, Binghamton, NY
18 Visit Canadaigua Area Midweek Worship Group, Seneca Castle, NY
21–28 Attend NYYM Summer Sessions, Silver Bay, NY

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Travel Schedule for Helen Garay Toppins
NYYM Associate Secretary

7              Women’s worship sharing, 15th Street Meeting, New York, NY
8              Midweek meeting for worship, Brooklyn Meeting, Brooklyn, NY
18–19        Advancement Consultation, Stony Point, NY
20 a.m.     Advancement Consultation Stony Point, NY
     p.m.     Quaker Worship Group—Woodbourne Prison
27 a.m.     Meeting for worship, Manhasset Meeting, Manhasset, LI
     p.m.     Bedford Stuyvesant Worship Group, Brooklyn, NY

10-11                Undoing Racism Workshop, Brooklyn Friends School, Brooklyn, NY
12             Morning—Undoing Racism workshop—Brooklyn Friends School
                Evening—American Friends Service Committee, NYMRO celebration, Friends Seminary, New York, NY
16             Protestant Day event—Woodbourne Prison, Woodbourne, NY
27             Quaker Worship Group—Woodbourne Prison, Woodbourne, NY
23             Quaker Day of Reflection—Otisville Prison, Otisville, NY

19–21        Advance work for NYYM Summer Sessions, Silver Bay, NY
22–28        NYYM Summer Sessions, Silver Bay, NY

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Quaker Spring: Experiencing the Inward Christ Together

June 24­–29, 2012
Stillwater Meetinghouse & Olney Friends School
Barnesville, Ohio

Quaker Spring is a radically unprogrammed retreat, welcoming Friends with a variety of theological backgrounds and from all branches of our Quaker family tree. We gather to explore what Spirit-led Quakerism is about at its core—and to experience it together. The program is shaped by God’s leading as the week unfolds and as the needs and interests of the participants intertwine. Generally, each day includes opportunities for bible study, worship, group and personal discernment, quiet time, walks, swimming, evening explorations and fellowship.

Fees are by freewill offering, and Friends are welcome to stay for part or all of the five days. Children’s program/childcare available by advanced request. For online registration and for information about the flavor of past Quaker Springs, please go to You can also contact the planning group by e-mail quakerspring [at] or c/o Deborah Haines, 2794 Fort Scott Dr., Arlington VA 22202; 703-706-8176. Open registration deadline: June 1. After June 1, please phone Deborah or e-mail the planning group to learn if space is available.

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Northeastern Christ-Centered Friends Gathering
“At Jesus’ Feet”

August 17–20, 2012
Charlton, MA

The Fourth Annual Northeastern Christ-Centered Friends Gathering, for both the committed and the curious, will take place August 17–20 at the Prindle Pond Conference Center, Charlton, MA.

This gathering reaffirms our original epistle from our 2009 gathering: “to Friends everywhere, and to all who seek love, joy, hope, and meaning in life” and “Knowing that language and doctrinal notions have caused unnecessary divisions among people of faith, we have no desire to add to these, but simply to stand with Jesus Christ at an open door, where He offers His light and love.” Our second gathering, 2010, called us to “be Living Epistles of Christ” as written in 2 Corinthians 3:2-3. Our third gathering’s statement included: “We joyfully invite each other to continue this experience of our blessed community in Christ, learning and growing together in our faith and practice.”

Lodging and Friday dinner thru Monday lunch, $225.00 per person
Tenting and all meals, $150.00 per person
Day attendance only with no meals, $25.00 per person
Children receive a 20% discount on all these prices.

Efforts are being made to help make attendance affordable to anyone who wishes to be present.

For more information contact Herb Lape, Planning Committee clerk: lapeherb [at]

To register for this conference, contact James C. Schultz, Treasurer, 12 South Drive, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 at broschultz [at]

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ProNica Seeks Program Director

ProNica is looking for a program director to work and live in the program’s office/residence in Managua, Nicaragua.

ProNica is a Quaker-founded nongovernmental organization that assists in creating and sustaining programs by and for the Nicaraguan people. ProNica nurtures cross-cultural solidarity through education of North Americans about Nicaragua’s history, culture, needs, and current conditions.

The program director’s responsibilities include overseeing all components of ProNica’s operations in Nicaragua within a long-range strategy to achieve the dual missions of grassroots project support and educating North Americans about Nicaragua.

For full details of responsibilities and requirements, please visit

To apply, please send your cover letter and résumé to pronica [at] and cc nicaraguacoordinator [at] with the subject line Program Director Search.

Both individuals and couples are encouraged to apply. Interested candidates should be available to commence work within six weeks of selection. No phone calls please. For more information, visit

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FGC New Meetings Project

Friends General Conference (FGC) is pleased to announce the formation of the “New Meetings” project to nurture new worship groups and meetings in the United States and Canada. The formation and launch of this project are being made possible by a generous two-year grant totaling $400,000 from the Thomas H. & Mary Williams Shoemaker Fund. Also, to encourage other Friends to support this work, the Shoemaker Fund is requiring that FGC raise an additional $100,000 in order to receive the full award.

The “New Meetings” project is being developed in response to inquiries from Friends asking for support in starting new worship groups and meetings.

Very soon, FGC will advertise for a full-time staff person to shepherd the development of the new meetings project.  We will also begin to create materials to guide the formation of new communities, design workshops that will ground and prepare Friends called to anchor new meetings, and select and support a travel team who will visit new worship groups and meetings to support the deepening of their spiritual practices.

For more information, including a list of questions and answers, go to

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Casa de los Amigos Achieves
A Great Step Forward for Migrants and Refugees
In Mexico City!

Hayley Hathaway, Casa program Coordinator

”Tochan” means “our house” in Nahuatl.

Opening of Tochan
Opening of Tochan

On Friday, June 15, Casa de los Amigos in Mexico City celebrated the opening of Tochan, a new house in the western part of Mexico City that serves, like the Casa, as a temporary refuge for migrants and refugees. A community gathered to celebrate the joyous day.

Tochan opens in response to the serious need in Mexico City for this type of emergency housing.

For three years, Casa de los Amigos has been part of a coalition working to establish this shelter. The coalition has worked hard to secure a location, raise awareness and funds, obtain new beds, blankets, furniture, and kitchen supplies, fix up, clean, and paint the house, work with the neighbors and local authorities, and set up safety and governance guidelines. Casa staff and volunteers participated at every step. We raised money, attended countless meetings, helped draft operative procedures for the house, we scrubbed and painted.

This is a beginning. To close Friday’s event, children planted an olive sapling in Tochan’s garden. As we move forward together, the Casa will continue to share our substantial experience of years of providing emergency housing to migrants and refugees in Mexico City. Right now, we have two of our amazing volunteers, Brian Rucker and Genesis Bui, using their summer to help create stability and community as Tochan takes its first steps.

Planting olive tree
Planting olive tree at Tochan

We’re moved by our dedicated and able collaborators—it is a gift to work with all of them on this project. And we’re grateful to all of you who have supported the Casa in so many ways - we couldn’t do this work without you. ¡Gracias!

Click here to see more photos from Tochan’s opening!



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