InfoShare, December 2010

N e w   Y o r k   Y e a r l y   M e e t i n g
R e l i g i o u s   S o c i e t y   o f   F r i e n d s
Volume 9 December 2010 Number 6
Editor: Paul Busby


NYYM Young Friends Are Pickett Grantees

Natalie Braun (Old Chatham), Franklin Crump (Perry City), and Anna Obermayer (Binghamton) are recipients of grants from the Clarence and Lilly Pickett Endowment for Quaker Leadership. The grants support these Friends’ internships in the Young Friends in Residence program.

The Pickett Endowment is a commemorative fund that exists to encourage development of Quaker leadership. The Endowment seeks to fund—in whole or in part—self-chosen projects that serve to nourish leadership among Quakers of all traditions and that have potential to make a contribution to our society and the betterment of humankind.

A limited number of grants (averaging from $2,500 to $3,000) are available each year to individuals showing unique promise for Quaker leadership.

The Pickett Endowment Web site is

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NYYM Will Hire YAF Field Secretary

New York Yearly Meeting is ready to hire a Young Adult Friends field secretary—a seasoned Friend to serve in the capacity of networking, coordinating, and outreach, and to be a catalyst for young adult Friends in this Yearly Meeting.

The Young Adult Friends field secretary’s major responsibilities are to work with young adult Friends, serving as a locus and a catalyst for networking and community building; doing mentoring, coordinating, and outreach, and helping these Friends to develop their gifts and to find a home in the Religious Society of Friends. This work will necessitate considerable travel, meeting with young adults where they live and worship. In addition, the position will provide logistical support for Young Adult Friends retreats and activities, and serve as a support and focal point for college outreach efforts. This is a half-time position including many weekend commitments.

The field secretary must be a member of the Religions Society of Friends (or a committed and active participant in Friends’ activities) with a strong understanding of Quaker testimonies and practice. This Friend must have strong verbal and written communication skills, be skilled at supporting and investing the gifts and energies of others, be personable, and have a firm grasp of current electronic communication technologies. It is expected that this Friend would worship regularly with a NYYM monthly meeting.

The job description and application form can be found here on the NYYM Web site.

For further information and to apply, contact Heloise Rathbone, clerk of the Personnel Committee, at 718-636-8253 or hcrathbone [at]

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Spirit Rising:
Success and Continued Labor

Since its release in May 2010, Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices has sold nearly 1,000 copies via In November, 157 copies of the book were shipped to Kenya, where they will be distributed at low or no cost to Friends there. Several Friends are at work on the full Spanish translation, which is over half complete. Spirit Rising has been warmly reviewed in many Quaker publications, including Friends Journal and Western Friend.

Cover of Sprit Rising

Spirit Rising includes over 210 pieces of writing and visual art by more than 150 teenage and young adult Friends from 16 countries. All major contemporary theological branches of the Religious Society of Friends are represented. The book is truly an unprecedented accomplishment among Friends and a profound gift of the Spirit.

Four NYYM Friends—Lincoln Alpern, L. Callid Keefe-Perry, Heather C. Meehan, and Anna Obermayer—are among the contributors.

All around the world, Friends are using the book as a catalyst for intergenerational dialogue. The Web site is being developed as a resource for events and discussions, and as a repository for reviews and other material. It will launch early next year.

In the meantime, QUIP is still working to raise the funds to print and distribute 500 copies of the Spanish translation to Friends in Latin America and ship the remaining 343 copies of the English edition to Friends in Kenya.

Spirit Rising is available at For further information contact quipyouthbook [at]

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Exploring Leadings and Vocation in Community

Young Adult Conference Brought to You by
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting!

Elizabeth Piersol Schmidt, PYM YAF

The Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Young Adult Friends (YAF) group will hold a retreat January 7–9, 2011, and we are to inviting NYYM YAFs! You're just a little north of us, and we want to be in community with you!

The retreat will focus on the theme “Exploring Leadings and Vocation in Community” and will include worship, fun, fellowship, cooking, workshops, and more (maybe a hike through the woods). We'll explore discernment of leadings and vocation together, and there will even be a workshop on hula hooping! Retreat content will be primarily led by participants, so anyone who wants to lead a workshop should let us know.

The retreat will be at Swarthmore Meeting in Swarthmore, PA, which is accessible by highway and public transit. We'll begin with dinner on Friday evening, January 7, around 7 p.m. and end after worship with the Swarthmore Friends Meeting on Sunday, January 9.

Here's a link to the flyer for the retreat: January YAF Retreat. There's also a Facebook event, PYM January Conference, and we'll have a registration process soon (so we know how many people to plan for) as well as more information about the conference. We are especially inviting Baltimore & NYYM YAFs to join us, but it's open to all YAFs (age 18–35ish).

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FUM Chain of Prayer

Kim Schull, FUM

Friends United Meeting (FUM) reminds Friends to please sign up for Chain of Prayer, which takes place from January thru June. Make it a priority to pray for the ministries of your own meeting, another FUM meeting that we partner you with, and those of Friends United Meeting. Prayer is one way we can partner with God in transforming lives! You no longer have to sign up by hours, just what day you are going to pray, and your meeting determines how long or what kind of program you want to make out of it. Chain of Prayer is the one project we can all do together. Lets make it a record breaking year! Please sign up at or contact Kim Schull at Friends United Meeting, 101 Quaker Hill Dr., Richmond IN 47374; 765-962-7573, kims [at]

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Christopher Sammond’s Travel Calendar

November 28, 2010–January 31, 2011

28 Visit Manhattan Monthly Meeting, New York, NY
3 Visit Attica Prison Preparative Meeting, Attica NY
5 Visit Buffalo Monthly Meeting
18 Visit Elmira Monthly Meeting
7–10 Support NYYM Traveling Friends/FGC Traveling Ministries joint retreat, Rochester Monthly Meeting, Rochester, NY
15 Attend Farmington Scipio Regional Meeting Winter Gathering, Rochester Monthly Meeting, Rochester, NY
21–22 Facilitate Feeding the Fire retreat on “Trusting in the Slow Work of God,” Powell House, Old Chatham, NY
28–29 Facilitate and Attend Coordinating Committee Weekend, Powell House, Old Chatham, NY

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Powell House Events

Dwelling Deep: An Extended Meeting for Worship

Powell House’s Annual Silent Retreat

January 14–17, 2011
Cosponsored by the School of the Spirit

During this extended weekend (Friday dinner through Monday lunch), Friends are invited to enter more fully into the silence and to experience the deeper rhythms in which we might live. This retreat will include the opportunity for solitude, individual and corporate worship, silent meals, and “active” silence. There will also be opportunities for individual and group spiritual reflection. Come and simply be with God; listen and attend to the Divine stirrings of the soul.

The facilitator, Linda Chidsey, a member of Housatonic Meeting, is a recorded minister in New York Yearly Meeting. She carries a concern for spiritual nurture and pastoral care. Linda has served as clerk of NYYM and is currently serving on the School of the Spirit board.

Feeding the Fire: Trusting in the Slow Work of God

January 21–23, 2011

We are inexorably led into greater and greater Love. For most, this path is anything but straight; rather, it is one with many windings and even backtracks. Given glimpses of the persons we are called to be, it is hard not to be impatient. At times we can feel frustrated and even lost. Yet if we look back on God’s work in us in the past, we become fortified in our trust for God’s work in the present, even when we don’t understand it. We can see that we have already been brought a great way.

In this retreat we will take the long view, celebrating how far Love has carried us, and sharing glimpses that draw us further on. We will look at how the Divine is currently at work in us and our communities. We will explore our inner resistance to change, and how our community’s image of us can either aid or hinder our moving more deeply into the image of God we were created to be.

In his role as NYYM’s general secretary, the facilitator, Christopher Sammond, brings a deep commitment to the releasing of Friends’ gifts in this Yearly Meeting.

The Feeding the Fire retreats are sponsored by NYYM’s Spiritual Nurture Working Group. The next retreat in the series, Spreading the Fire, will be April 29–May 1, 2011. For questions about the retreats or the working group, please contact the working group’s coclerks, Anne Pomeroy, pomsel [at], and Lu Harper, luharper [at]

Other Powell House events:
Creativity and Spirituality, February 4–6, 2011
Me, My Partner, and the Divine, February 11–13, 2011
Clerking: Serving the Community with Joy and Confidence, February 18–20, 2011

For further information:; Powell House, 524 Pitt Hall Rd., Old Chatham NY 12136; 518-794-8811; info [at]

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FWCC “Cluster” on Global Change

January 22, 2011
Purchase Meeting

In response to an ever-growing concern about global change from Friends in many different countries, the Friends World Committee for Consultation Central Executive Committee is embarking on a program to discern the merits of a more coordinated Friends’ response and a deeper understanding of the spiritual underpinnings of  Friends’ witness in relation to global change and its myriad facets.

To aid its consideration of a response to this issue, regional/local cluster gatherings are being held, to hear the voices of Friends impacted by global change and to convene a gathering to discern what Friends can offer this global movement.

Clusters are face-to-face meetings where Friends meet for discernment with prayer, listening and sharing of stories and experiences around the theme of global change.

On Saturday, January 22 at Purchase Meetinghouse, Friends are invited to participate in a special day-long cluster retreat based on the queries:

  • What do we, as a worldwide faith community, have to say to ourselves and to the world?
  • How do we articulate the spiritual basis for our response to global change?
  • How can Friends, as a worldwide faith community, craft a response that grows out of the abundance of God's love, rather than from the fear engendered by scarcity and change?

Clusters will take place worldwide, and the results will be recorded to form the basis for a World Consultation in late 2011 entitled “Mending the World: A Broken Covenant?”

The Purchase cluster on January 22nd will begin at 9:30 a.m. with continental breakfast. A provided lunch will include a salad and hearty vegan soup. The retreat will end at 4:00 p.m. To register, send your name and contact information to sweisfeld [at] or call 914-779-8354. (Suggested donation: $10; more if you can, less if you can’t.)

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Meeting to Deepen the Spirit

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Rahway-Plainfield Meeting

Mary Harpster clerk, Ministry and Counsel, Rahway-Plainfield Meeting

On Saturday, January 29, 2011, Rahway-Plainfield Meeting will host a Meeting to Deepen the Spirit (known by some as an extended worship session). The day will begin at 9:30 a.m. with coffee and move into meeting for worship around 10:00 a.m. We will break for a brown-bag lunch around noon. During lunch, those attending will decide how they wish to use the afternoon time. The day will end in the midafternoon, whenever the group is ready.

Rahway-Plainfield would like to invite all F/friends to join us for the day—as much or as little of it as works for individuals’ schedules—and would appreciate it if an announcement could be made in your respective meetings. Directions to our meetinghouse may be found at We are also directly across the street from the Plainfield NJTransit train station.

It would be helpful, but not necessary, if anyone planning to attend could RSVP to mlharpster [at] so we have an idea of the number of people to expect.

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Fellowship for Study in Haverford College Quaker Collection

Each year Haverford College Special Collections offers three one-month, $2,000 fellowships to researchers who are interested in using the unique resources of the Quaker Collection.

We invite applications from researchers at various stages in their careers and from any discipline. The most competitive applications creatively explore concerns to which Friends have turned their attention, including literature, mysticism, women’s issues, family history, race relations, and American Indian affairs, as well as religious doctrine and controversies.

The next deadline for applications is February 1, 2011. Application requirements, deadlines, and a complete list of past fellows and their topics are available at

Please feel free to contact John Anderies with your questions: janderie [at]; 610-896-2948.

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NYYM Meeting for Discernment

Saturday, February 26, 2011
9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Hosted by Plainfield Meeting

All are invited to participate in this winter’s Meeting for Discernment, which will be a day-long meeting for worship with attention to Spirit-led action being undertaken by our meetings and worship groups. We look forward to coming to a deeper understanding of who we are as a people, as a whole yearly meeting, through prayerful reflection on the working of Love and Truth in our midst.

Each monthly meeting and worship group is again encouraged to send one or two Friends to participate in this Meeting for Discernment, ideally one older and one younger seasoned Friend, Friends who are active in the Spirit-led work of your meeting, Friends who have the gift of listening deeply, Friends who hold your meeting in love and care.

This Meeting for Discernment will be at Plainfield meetinghouse, 225 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield NJ. Lunch and childcare provided; financial assistance available.

More information will be in January 2011 Spark.

Questions? Comments? We’d like to hear from you. General questions and comments can be addressed to any of the steering committee members. If you have questions about financial assistance for travel please contact Janet Hough janet.hough [at]; 914-769-6885.

Meetings for Discernment Steering Committee members: Heather Cook (NYYM clerk), Ann Davidson (Farmington), Roger Dreisbach-Williams (Plainfield), Elizabeth Edminster (15th Street), Carolyn Emerson (Conscience Bay), Lu Harper (Rochester), Janet Hough, committee clerk (Chappaqua), Christopher Sammond (NYYM general secretary)

Coordinating committee representatives to Meetings for Discernment: Cheshire Frager (NCC), Naomi Paz Greenberg (WCC), Ron Peterson (GSCC), Amy Willauer-Obermayer (MCC)

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March Spark:
Sexuality and Spirituality

No, this isn’t the “plain brown wrapper” issue of Spark, but hopefully a spirit-filled and honest look at the intersection of spirituality and sexuality in Friends’ lives. How does sexuality inform your experience of spirit? How does spirituality inform your experience of sex? How have Friends’ attitudes toward sex and intimate relationships changed over the years? Are you willing to talk about it? Articles should be 750–1,200 words in length. Deadline for submission is January 20, 2011. Please submit to paul [at] and [at]


Upcoming NYYM Sessions

  • Spring Sessions 2011 will be April 1–3 at Oakwood Friends School, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
  • Summer Sessions 2011 will be July 17–23 at Silver Bay.

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Invitation to Join NYYM Earthcare Google Group

Angela Manno for the NYYM Earthcare Working Group

The NYYM Earthcare Working Group invites all those within NYYM to join the NYYM Earthcare Google group. The Google group is a way for people within NYYM to communicate about upcoming events, action alerts, inspirations, and what is being done in meetings or individually concerning earthcare. So far, we have used it to discuss Friends’ concerns regarding hydrofracking in upstate New York, the Global Work Party on 10/10/10, and sharing Earthcare minutes from meetings in other parts of the country. It is a useful and essential tool as we continue to live deeper into our witness for the Earth.

An important topic that will be discussed shortly in this forum is ideas for an Earthcare theme for Summer Sessions 2011.

Please join the conversation and strengthen our witness for the Earth, our beloved dwelling place, the source of our life and nourishment. To join, please e-mail Patricia Chernoff, patriciachernoff [at]

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QEW Welcomes New General Secretary

Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) will have a new general secretary beginning January 1, 2011. A previous QEW Steering Committee member and current presiding clerk of Canadian Yearly Meeting, Anne Mitchell of Toronto, Ontario, will replace Ruah Swennerfelt, who retires after 16 years of service to QEW.

One of the tasks that Anne has assigned to herself is to visit extensively with Friends who are involved with QEW in the U.S. and Canada to learn how she can “help QEW become what it wants to become.”

Anne first became acquainted with Quakers through her anti-apartheid activities. “Some of the most inspiring Quakers that I met were those in South Africa who were at every demonstration outside of Parliament buildings in Cape Town and were providing aid to those who were being oppressed by the government. I thought, ‘Wow these are great people.’ I already knew something about the history of Quakers. I was impressed when I got to see some real ones.”

Anne and her husband, Gordon McClure, live in an inner city neighborhood of Toronto. Their basement apartment has been used at various times as temporary lodging for Iraq-war resisters from the U.S. trying to get refugee status, as well as Bosnian refugees and their families. They haven’t had a car since moving to Toronto, finding public transit there to be superb. They have solar water heating panel on their roof, and Anne likes working in a little garden—her personal patch of wilderness with butterflies.

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QEW’s Men for Men Fund: Stipends Available for Vasectomies

Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) members are very concerned that our planet's resources have been stretched to the breaking point. As Quakers, we feel that simplicity is one key to solving environmental problems. We are aware that a large part of the problem is the numbers of humans on Earth.

Men for Men was started after a QEW member suggested that a fund to help pay for vasectomies would be one way to decrease the number of unplanned pregnancies. The stipend of $350 will be paid directly to the physician who performs the surgery, probably after the initial visit and before the surgery. It is up to the man to negotiate the total price for the surgery; any amount in excess of the $350 stipend is his responsibility.

We are starting by offering a stipend to men who attend or belong to a Friends meeting or Friends church. If this pilot program is successful, we hope to expand it in the future. The fund is administered by QEW. In addition to helping to pay for vasectomies, we are grateful for donations. We hope that men who have taken advantage of the Men for Men Fund will make stipends available for other men by repaying the Fund as they are able.

Further information and the application form are available here.

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Executive Director Sought for FPC

Friends Publishing Corporation (FPC), the publisher of Friends Journal, seeks to hire a new executive director. The executive director will be an innovator whose primary responsibility is to lead the implementation of FPC’s far-reaching plans for the future. The successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to think strategically and creatively about a communication ministry in a time of profound technological and social change. Ongoing responsibilities include staff leadership, fundraising, outreach, and representing and advocating for FPC to the wider Religious Society of Friends. The executive director must be gifted in listening and discernment, visioning, and working cooperatively and respectfully with others.

Qualified persons may submit a letter of application, résumé, and relevant supporting documents to: Jay Marshall, clerk of Leadership Transition Committee, at fpcsearch [at] Review of applications will begin December 15, 2010. Please do not contact the Friends Journal office with inquiries about this position or the search process. All inquiries should be directed to fpcsearch [at]

More information is available at

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New Web Site for Quaker Aging Resources

Quaker Aging Resources (QAR) has a new Web site, New York and Philadelphia Yearly Meetings, through generous funding from Friends Foundation for the Aging and the Thomas Scattergood Foundation, collaborated to develop QAR. The project was designed to assist meetings and individuals in responding to the needs of aging Friends including age related changes, chronic illness or disability. The resources are intended to uphold a culture of care for the individual’s body, mind, spirit, and community, consistent with our Quaker faith, and address the following needs:

  • emotional /behavioral care
  • meaningful retirement
  • death and dying
  • physical health
  • housing/aging in place
  • spiritual/pastoral support
  • financial matters

Each yearly meeting also has a library of materials and programs available for meetings and individuals in their geographic region. The resources are designed to support Friends’ aging with particular attention to spirituality, supporting a discernment process and offering concrete and specific information.

Friends are invited to visit the Web site for further information.

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Become an ARCH Visitor!

Join the 21 ARCH Visitors—Friends from throughout NYYM who reach out with practical, spiritual/pastoral care to persons over 60 or with a disability. The Aging Resources Consultation and Help (ARCH) program continues to evolve and find new ways to enhance the lives of individuals, their families, and meetings.

Training for new ARCH Visitors will be held at Camp Linwood, Sandyston, NJ (near Newark). The dates are March 9–11, 2011. We begin with supper on the first night, have a full-day session, and end with a half-day session.

The sessions are filled with information and interactive experiences. All expenses are paid. Contact Barbara Spring, 518-772-2290, barbarakspring4 [at], or Anita Paul, 518-374-2166, anitalouisepaul [at], to chat and receive an application.

Also, Friends are invited to check out the new Web site for Quaker Aging Resources:

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QUNO: Local Inreach with Global Outreach

The Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) in New York welcomes the active interest and support of local meetings year-round in its important international work. Often this means a speaker from QUNO visiting a monthly meeting to talk about its programs. Late March and October are especially good times to invite QUNO speakers, since that is when its Steering Committee meets. This past March two NYYM meetings invited QUNO speakers. Flushing Meeting hosted David Kikaya of Nairobi (Kenya) Yearly Meeting. David is ambassador of Kenya to the UN Centre for Human Settlements. Traveling with him was Sieneke Martin, clerk of Victoria (Australia) Regional Meeting. Rockland Meeting hosted Lon Fendell, an Evangelical Quaker from the West Coast of the United States, who spoke about the work of QUNO-NY, and Charlotte Seymour-Smith, who represents the QUNO Geneva Office.

Local meetings can request to be put on a list for speakers from the spring and fall Steering Committee meetings, so act now! Contact QUNO at or 212-682-2745.

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State of Meeting Queries

Excerpts from the Ministry Coordinating Committee letter and queries. Complete details are here.

We are called every year as meetings to write a State of the Meeting Report in which we consider the vitality of our monthly meetings and record the working of the Spirit in our lives and community. The following queries are offered as a guide for this year’s reports.

  • Meetings are living bodies and thus experience cycles of growth and dormancy. What new growth do you greet in your meeting? What losses do you mourn?
  • Many meetings struggle with issues of the world such as racism, class inequality, and discrimination by sexual orientation. With what issues does your meeting struggle? How does your meeting labor with difficult issues?


When the monthly meeting approves the State of the Meeting Report, the clerk should forward it to the Yearly Meeting Office by February 14, 2011. If possible, send it both electronically to office [at] and in hard copy to New York Yearly Meeting, 15 Rutherford Pl., New York NY 10003.

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Give to the Sharing Fund

Mary Eagleson & Sharon Hoover for the Sharing Fund

The days are shorter now, and frost has left our gardens skeletal. As the leaves fall and winter approaches, we are reminded of death as a part of life. The news media reminds us, too, of death, with constant reports of violence, hatred, and hostility. There is nothing new about our situation. For hundreds of years, Christians in the Northern Hemisphere have aligned their church calendar with the dying season, and have observed a time of waiting for the inbreaking of Divine Light—for Christmas, that is, and the turning of the year towards spring.

As Friends, we are used to waiting expectantly for Divine Light all the year round. We know, experientially, that when we stand under Divine guidance, we are led to actions that witness to God’s care for all human beings, and for all the Earth. In New York Yearly Meeting, we support each other’s witness through contributions to the Sharing Fund. Both the giving of money and the loving service through Witness committees are outward expressions of Divine Love, and both bring the blessing of having heeded the call to give our possessions and ourselves to loving and caring for one another. We give to affirm life.

We invite you to contribute financially to the Sharing Fund, and to serve on one of the committees that your financial contribution supports: Alternatives to Violence, Barrington Dunbar Fund, Black Concerns, Conscientious Objection to Paying for War, Indian Affairs, Meeting the Minimum Needs of All, Peace Concerns, Prisons, Right Sharing, Witness Activities, and World Ministries. Both kinds of giving are sorely needed in this hurting world.

Please make out your checks to Sharing Fund NYYM and mail to 15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY 10003. Or visit our Web site’s donation page and pay via PayPal.

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Quaker Stamp Project
Save Canceled Postage Stamps!

Did you know that nearly $80,000 has been raised for Quaker and other worthy causes through the sale of canceled stamps? This includes support for Right Sharing of World Resources and the Friends World Committee on Consultation.

The Quaker stamp project was begun and run by Brad Hathaway of Mattapoisett Meeting in Massachusetts for many years. Recently, Earl Walker of Claremont Meeting in California has taken it on.

Please mail all stamps to Earl Walker, 449 Alamosa Dr., Claremont CA 91711. Stamps should be in good condition. Foreign stamps are especially valuable. Please do not soak off the stamps, and if possible, trim the stamps leaving ½" on all sides. December is a great time of year to get in the habit of saving canceled postage stamps! Remember Earl’s “down-home wisdom” about stamps: “Ya never know what people got stuck in drawers.”

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Ithaca Friends Top a Busy Year with Fundraising Concert

Submitted by Robin Whitely, Chatham-Summit Meeting

2010 was a busy, momentous year for Ithaca Friends. In February, ending a 50+ year search for a meetinghouse, Ithaca Meeting purchased a run-down restaurant in downtown Ithaca. Not long after, members and attenders began work on interior demolition. On September 12, the monthly meeting approved a contract to renovate the interior, and on September 18 Ithaca Friends held a major fundraising event: a sing-along concert conceived and coordinated by Melody Johnson of Ithaca MM and led by Peter Blood and Annie Patterson, creators of the Rise Up Singing songbook.

More than 200 Quakers, folksingers, and other community members of all ages participated, including many Friends from the region and beyond. “It was very successful,” says Melody, “and we’re still getting comments about how great it was.” Melody attributes the event’s success to everyone who supported the ticket sales, bake sale, and silent auction. “We’re especially grateful to St. Paul’s Methodist Church, which donated its space,” says Melody, “and, of course, to Peter and Annie, whose time and talent were far more valuable than we were able to offer them in compensation.”

Melody says that the event not only raised funds for our new meetinghouse but also raised awareness about Ithaca Meeting, while providing great entertainment and community building.

Shortly after the concert, reconstruction of the meetinghouse began. Ithaca Friends anticipate worshiping in their new home in the spring of 2011.

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FGC Gathering of Friends

July 3–9, 2011
Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa

Each year about 1,500 Quakers (mostly from the unprogrammed, liberal tradition) spend a week together on a college campus at different sites around the U.S. and occasionally Canada. Attenders range from newborns to elders in their 90s.

The 2011 Gathering will be from July 3–9 at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa. The theme will be “Meeting at the Center.”

For further information see or contact FGC, 1216 Arch St. #2B, Philadelphia PA 19107; 215-561-1700.

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School of the Spirit Ministry Seeks Teacher

John Carle, for the Teacher Search Committee

The School of the Spirit Ministry is seeking a teacher to join Patty Levering and Mike Green as a member of the core teaching team for its program On Being a Spiritual Nurturer. We hope that this teacher will also have the leading and ability to take on certain administrative responsibilities pertaining to the program.

On Being a Spiritual Nurturer is a two-year program that includes eight three- to five-day residencies. The 2012–14 class will be the ninth, with residencies to be held at the Franciscan Spiritual Center in Aston, PA, near Philadelphia.

Our discernment asks that this new teacher be a member of the Religious Society of Friends who has an active prayer life and a deep grounding in our faith and practice. We expect that this teacher feels a call to teaching and to the nurture of the spiritual life of individuals, meetings, and the Religious Society of Friends. 

To learn more and obtain application materials, please visit If you have questions, please contact John Carle at 703-644-8502 or sotsteacher [at] The deadline for applications is February 1, 2011. Our discernment process and follow-up interviews will take place during the spring. The start date for this position is July 1, 2011, and the minimal commitment is through June 2014.

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