Ministry Coordinating Committee Handbook Page

Purposes & Objectives
The Ministry Coordinating Committee (MCC) functions as the administrative body for the work of the Ministry Section, which is composed of the committees and task groups concerned with the spiritual life and pastoral care of the Yearly Meeting.

  • Advancement
  • Committee on Conflict Transformation
  • Ministry & Pastoral Care
  • State of the Society
  • Committee to Revise Faith & Practice
  • Committee on Sufferings
  • Worship at Yearly Meeting Sessions

Functions & Activities

The Coordinating Committee provides guidance and care to its constituent committees and task groups. It receives minutes concerning proposed recording of ministers from monthly meetings, appoints clearness committees regarding these minutes, and takes recommendations to the Yearly Meeting for approval. It administers distributions from the Stevens Fund.

Organization & Method of Appointment

Each quarterly, half-yearly, and regional meeting appoints one member of the Coordinating Committee; Farmington-Scipio appoints two. Following the NYYM guideline, MCC recommends that a Friend is appointed for a three-year term and may be reappointed for a second consecutive three-year term. The Yearly Meeting names three members at large upon the recommendation of the Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee, one each year for a three-year term. Each committee and task group in the section appoints a representative to the Coordinating Committee. MCC appoints a clerk and a recording clerk, and other clerks as needed. The clerk or another appointee represents MCC on Sessions and Liaison Committees, and to the YM budget process.

Meeting Times and Places

MCC meets during Spring, Summer, and Fall Sessions, during Coordinating Weekend at Powell House in the spring, and at other times as needed.


The YM Operating Budget provides money for administrative and travel expenses of MCC, and program expenses of constituent committees. Some committees have additional sources of funds as described on their Handbook pages.