NYYM Trustees: Private page

This page serves as a private hub for the internal documents and information of New York Yearly Meeting's Board of Trustees.

Instructions—Click the following to read instructions for adding documents to your page.



Click the links to download or view the following documents.


If you have documents that you want to share with the other Trustees, follow the following steps:

  1. Records. Enter the file's current filename in the Trustees' document database.
  2. Send the file. Send the communications director the file for uploading and remind the communications director to give you the new filename to be used on the website once it's been uploaded. (Filenames are case sensitive and must be one string of characters without spaces, though dashes, dots, and underscores are allowed.)
  3. Edit the page. Once the communications director has notified you that the file has been uploaded and you have the new filename,
    • add the new filename to your database,
    • to the web page, add the text you want along with the file's title (not necessarily the web filename).
  4. Create the link. Create the file's link using the link tool:
    • Click on the link icon.
    • Click on the Browse Server button and to the filename of your file.
    • Double-click the filename.
    • Wait for the file to finish
    • Open the Target tab in the Link tool window and set the target as "New Window (_blank)".
    • Click OK.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.