History of Amawalk Meeting

Friends have been gathering for worship at Amawalk since the mid-1760's. By 1772, the Meeting at Amawalk had grown sufficiently that it requested permission from Purchase to build a meeting house. The building was completed in 1773. Preparative Meeting status was granted in 1774, and a Monthly Meeting set up in 1798. By 1828, Amawalk had under its care five Preparative Meetings: Amawalk, Peach Pond, Salem-Bedford, Peekskill and Croton. Orthodox-Hicksite tensions led to a split in the Meeting and a number of members left, eventually building an Orthodox meeting house in Yorktown. Membership in Amawalk and its preparative meetings indicates 74 families in the mid-1830 's, the current meeting house was built in 1831 (after two previous buildings had burned down). By the mid-1840 's, however, membership had begun to decline. In 5th month 1883, it was proposed that the preparative meetings be discontinued and the members attached to Amawalk. Membership continued to decline and between 1964 and 1977 Amawalk Meeting House was closed.  In 1977, a small group began meeting each First Day and a resurgence in the life of the Meeting began. A First Day School building was completed in 1987. That same year, Amawalk became a monthly meeting again. In the fall of 1989 , the Amawalk Friends Meeting House and Burial Ground were placed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. Plans are currently underway for the renovation of the Meetinghouse, which has continued ,basically unchanged since its construction.  Throughout its history, Amawalk Meeting Friends have been active in education and the care of others. At various times, Amawalk had schools under its care and its members have always had concern about the community. Amawalk Meeting continues today with a small but dedicated group of members and attenders. Our First Day School building is used during the week by a nursery school. Friends meet each First Day and continue to be active in the Meeting, the community and the Society.

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