The main focus of our worship is listening to the inward Light. As such, we listen and share those messages as we feel the prompting of the Spirit. Nothing is expected of you or anyone in the Meeting, so we invite you to relax and experience the moment. An hour may seem like a long time to sit quietly, and people adjust to this in their own time.

Our custom is to enter and be seated in silence with perhaps a nonverbal nod with someone as a greeting. The Meeting for Worship has already begun as you enter the room, even if you are the first to arrive. Our Meeting for Worship follows the Hicksite tradition of “unprogrammed” meetings. All are welcome to experience this form of Worship with us.

Upon your arrival, you will probably find several persons already seated in a circle. We have no clergy, or formal liturgy. The Meeting begins as soon as people arrive and are seated. Quiet listening is maintained, and individuals who feel led to speak do so as prompted by the Spirit. People speak about whatever happens to be on their hearts at the time. Sometimes someone may sing a simple song. Others join in as they feel able. Favorite quotes or readings may also be shared if people feel the Spirit prompting them to share the message with the whole group. We try to discern if messages are meant for us as individuals for our own lives, or if they should be shared with everyone present. We call this process, “waiting upon the Spirit.”

The meeting ends with a member or attender breaking the silence with either a simple handshake of their neighbor and/or greeting all present by saying, “Good morning, Friends!” Since we are a small group, we usually introduce ourselves, and ask visitors to share who they are as they feel comfortable. Tea and snacks then follow, with conversation and sharing.

Most people dress simply and comfortably. This is different than many churches where people “wear their Sunday best.” Dress as you feel appropriate for yourself, but because people are sometimes conscious of “over or under dressing” it is helpful to note that most are in casual attire in our Meeting.

Please know you are welcome, and questions about our practices are always appropriate following the end of Worship, or as Quakers say, “At the rise of Meeting for Worship.”


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