Children’s Program (First Day School)

People of all ages are invited to gather for worship at 3:30 PM. Children bring a beautiful life and energy to our meeting! The movement and sounds of small children in our midst is welcome during meeting for worship.

In Alfred Quaker Meeting, children have the option of attending First Day School (Sunday School). After a period of “settling in” at Meeting for Worship (usually about 15 to 30 minutes), one of the First Day School leaders will give children the option of leaving the meeting room to do some planned activity, such as reading, crafts, walking outdoors, singing, or working on service projects. While most children choose to attend First Day School most weeks, children have been known to sit through the entire hour of meeting for worship. First Day School children and adult leaders rejoin the group in the meeting room after worship for introductions and to tell us (usually very enthusiastically) about their activities in First Day School.

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