Quaker Schools


Quakers have long held a concern for the education of children and young people.  Early Friends began founding schools in North America over 300 years ago and there are now more than 85 Friends schools around the country.  They vary in size, location, and the programs they provide, but all Quaker schools hold a core belief in common: that each student is unique and contains within him or herself a measure of the divine spirit.  Diversity in all its form is also central to the mission of Friends schools which welcome students of many races, backgrounds, and religious traditions.

Students in Quaker schools learn through inquiry, reflection, challenge, and action while searching for truth, both their own and that of others, in a respectful manner.  They  are taught that learning, like personal growth, is a continual process which, though often demanding, is fulfilling in its own right. 

Opportunities for worship in the manner of Friends and service to the community enable students to develop a unique awareness of themselves and the importance of values-centered action in the world.  Schools typically offer financial aid to those whose resources would not enable them to pay the full tuition. 

We are fortunate to have a number of excellent Friends schools within the New York Yearly Meeting region, and they welcome your inquiries.

Some Quaker schools within the Yearly Meeting:

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