Infoshare - Summer 2009

N e w   Y o r k   Y e a r l y   M e e t i n g
R e l i g i o u s   S o c i e t y   o f   F r i e n d s
Volume 8 Summer 2009 Number 4
Editor: Paul Busby, paul [at] nyym [dot] org

Powell House Camping Retreat Weekend Celebration

August 14–16, 2009, in the Anna Curtis Center

This is a weekend to celebrate! Open and welcome to all adults ages 18 and up, sponsored by the Circle of Young Adult Friends. It will be a weekend to take care of one another inside and out. We will play hard and speak deeply on things that we are concerned about. Let’s observe the beauty of the earth with swimming and campfire building, and exist as fully as possible together integrating with the ages of all adults and creating new bonds outside of our own generations!

For more information call Buffy Curtis at 518-794-8811, ex. 10; e-mail info [at]; log on to

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Quaker Lesbian Conference


The 33rd Annual Quaker Lesbian Conference will be held Friday–Sunday, August 21–23, 2009, at Pendle Hill.

The Quaker Lesbian Conference exists to be a loving time and space in which women (self-defined) familiar with Quakerism, who are lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or moving toward those identities, can connect with Spirit and with each other. We envision an intergenerational community in which each woman shares worship, spiritual exploration, and loving relationships in an environment embracing diversity, individual leadings, struggle, and play. Children are welcome. Childcare will be provided. For more information or to add your name to the mailing list, e-mail qlconf [at] or visit

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Following Jesus Christ within Community

Powell House, August 28–30, 2009

If Jesus Christ is that aspect of God which speaks to your condition, then come join us in a time of extended worship, sharing our walk with Christ, and resting in the fellowship of other Christ-centered Friends. In this gathering, we will seek to be renewed to follow Christ that we may better do the will of God with the gifts and strengths we have been given. It is meant to be a time of rejoicing, reflection, and growing as Friends in the Spirit of Christ. Please join us for this regional gathering to praise, worship, and share (and/or listen) as led by the Spirit.

This gathering has been planned by and for Friends from New York, New England, and Ohio Yearly Meetings. Our time together will be supported by Ann Armstrong, John Edminster, Seth Hinshaw, Reb MacKenzie, and Christopher Sammond, along with a group of elders from these yearly meetings. Friends from other meetings are most welcome. All are welcome who know themselves to be Friends centered in Christ, or who are drawn to be.

For more information contact: Ann Armstrong at wannarms [at] or Reb MacKenzie at Reb178 [at]

A separate program for Young Adult Friends will be a part of the annual meeting of FWCC’s Section of the Americas in mid-March 2010, in the Baltimore area. Plan to attend! More information later at

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Quaker Green Family Fair

Please join Purchase Friends Meeting as we work for harmony between humans and our sacred earth. As one of our efforts to provide stewardship for the earth, one of our core Quaker values, we are planning a Quaker Green Family Fair Event to take place on Saturday, September 12, 2009 from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. We will have a green market, complete with green merchants and marketers and organic farmers. We will sell baked goods and refreshments and have a tag sale and a silent auction. Plus, we will offer activities such as face painting and games on the lawn for children, and live music and guest speakers. We are selling exhibitor spaces for $50 each. For more information or questions, please contact: quakergreenfamiliyfair [at] or 914-946-0206. Proceeds to benefit New York Yearly Meeting. Thank You!

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AVP Training for Facilitators

Powell House, October 9–11, 2009

If you have taken a basic and an advanced workshop, and you wish to become an AVP facilitator, please register for the Training for Facilitators at PoHo, October 9–11, 2009 Participants will learn the skills and practices for becoming an AVP facilitator.

This workshop continues to deepen the AVP experience of overcoming violence in our lives and looks at how we can share the AVP workshop approach to nonviolence training with others.

Training for Facilitators workshops focus on learning to be part of a team of facilitators, gaining knowledge of logistics, skills, techniques necessary for facilitation of experiential workshops, and understanding the critical importance of trusting the process.

Special Cost: $ 150 adults, $75 for infants -22 yrs., and $75 commuters. Includes all meals and dormitory housing.

Program begins with 7:00 P.M. dinner on Friday and concludes with lunch on Sunday.

Children's Program and childcare available with three weeks’ notice.

For more information visit

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FUM Youth Delegation to YQCA: Kenya, December 9–13, 2009

Theme: “For the Lord does not see as man sees” —1 Samuel 16:7

Young Quaker Christian Association (YQCA) is the pan-African Quaker youth organization, encompassing both programmed and unprogrammed young adult Friends from all over the continent. The Board of YQCA has invited the different branches of Friends worldwide to send official delegations of youth to attend the 2009 Triennial in western Kenya. There will be opportunities for work projects, home stays, safaris, and mission site visits before conference, arranged by the FUM Africa Ministries Office. For information contact FUM, 101 Quaker Hill Dr., Richmond IN 47374-1926; 765 926 7573; africaministries [at] or visit and click on the link under News.

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2010 Quaker Youth Pilgrimage

The Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) Youth Pilgrimage will take place July 16–August 13, 2010, in the northwestern U.S. This biennial event, which includes about 25 young Friends who will be 16–18 years old next summer, alternates between Europe and the Americas. Participants come from a variety of countries; they explore both the territory and each other’s religious beliefs. There is usually a work project, too. Information is on the FWCC Web site, Leaders are also sought. The application deadline for both is September 30, 2009.

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Articles Sought for Spark Issue on Friends, Money, and Social Class

Quakers historically see themselves as oblivious to social class: Our testimony is one of racial, gender, ethnic, and social equality. Yet how accurately does this testimony work out in practice? The November 2009 issue of Spark with have as its theme “Friends, Money, and Social Class.” We seek articles on the historic practices of Friends, as well as the current state of Friends’ meetings, that investigate our faith and our practice with respect to this issue. How many of our monthly meetings are racially and socially diverse? How many Friends have a shared political predisposition, and have shared views of economic policy and practices? Are we, in fact, a classless Society? Have we ever been? Are simplicity and economic wealth incompatible? Were early American Quakers of the middle class or, rather, among the elite in their communities?

If you are led to write an article about the ways Friends cut through class distinctions—or do not—please contact Peter Phillips at FPeterPhillips [at] We need to know who will be writing no later than September 1, and will need the articles in hand no later than September 20.

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Powell House Events

  • Aug 21–23 Adult Permaculture and Bioregional Agriculture and Economies (Andrew Faust)
  • Aug 21–23 Grades 6–9 HeartSong
  • Aug 28–30 Grades 4–5 Camping in the Maze
  • Sept 10–13 Adult Beyond Eldering Basics (Elaine Emily)
  • Sept 11–13 Grades 8–12 Planning
  • Oct 9–11 Intergenerational AVP Training for Facilitators: Become a Facilitator
  • Oct 23–25 Intergenerational Fall Work, Contra Dance, and Storytelling
  • Nov 4–6 Adult The Body As a Temple for Spiritual Growth (John Calvi)
  • Dec 31–Jan 1 Intergenerational Annual New Year Conference: Cherish Family and Friends

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Pendle Hill Workshops

  • Aug 9–13, 2009 Unlocking the Creative Power of Dreams
  • Aug 9–13, 2009 The Teaching Power of Stories
  • Sept 18–20, 2009 Faithful, Effective Work for Peace and Justice
  • Sept 18–20, 2009 Lives of Service
  • Sept 25–27, 2009 Nurturing Our First Day Schools
  • Oct 9–11, 2009 The Wisdom to Know the Difference
  • Oct 30–Nov 1, 2009 Inward Activism and Outward Prayer: Integrating Our Lives through Nonviolence
  • Nov 1–5, 2009 Holding in the Light, Framing the Sacred: Photography in the Digital Age
  • Nov 6–8, 2009 Inquirers’ Weekend: An Introduction to Quakerism
  • Nov 8–12, 2009 Celebration of Quakerism
  • Nov 20–22, 2009 Clerking: Serving the Community with Joy and Confidence
  • Nov 27–29, 2009 Prepare Ye the Way: An Advent Journey toward Love
  • Dec 4–6, 2009 “Who is Jesus to me?”

For further information: Pendle Hill, 338 Plush Mill Rd., Wallingford PA 19086-6023; 610-566-4507 800-742-3150 (toll-free); info [at]

For information or to register, go to, call 800-742-3150, ext. 3 (U.S. only) or 610-566-4507, ext. 3 (worldwide), or write to Pendle Hill, 338 Plush Mill Rd., Wallingford Pa. 19086-6099.

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Woolman Semester

The Woolman Semester is a 16-week Quaker program that welcomes high school juniors, seniors, and first-year postgraduates who are taking a “gap year.” Similar to a semester abroad in concept, the Woolman Semester immerses students in the studies of peace, social justice, and sustainable living on a 230-acre rural campus in northern California. Project-based course work and off-campus opportunities facilitate personal growth and leadership skills through self-exploration and an intellectual commitment to being an informed global citizen.

The Woolman Semester uses inquiry-based analysis and reflection emphasizing a sense of respect for, and responsibility to, the greater community.

Woolman Spring Semester will be January 29–May 29, 2010. Applications are now being accepted.

Information: Susannah Brown, admissions assistant, Woolman Semester, 530-273-3183 ext. 14;

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