InfoShare - April 2009

N e w   Y o r k   Y e a r l y   M e e t i n g
R e l i g i o u s   S o c i e t y   o f   F r i e n d s
Volume 8 April 2009 Number 2
Editors for this issue: Helen Garay Toppins,; Walter Naegle,

Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting to Worship on Oakwood Campus

An Invitation to All

Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting and the Oakwood Friends School community will worship together on Sunday mornings for the months of April and May on the School’s campus. This “worship experiment” will allow the two groups to come together in worship and build a closer relationship with each other. Oakwood Friends School is located at 22 Spackenkill Road, just off Route 9, in Poughkeepsie, NY. Friends from near and far are invited to join in worship at 10 am each Sunday during April and May on the Oakwood campus. First Day School and child care are provided, and all who wish are invited to stay for brunch in the Oakwood dining hall following worship. For further information, call Oakwood Friends School at
845-462-4200 or e-mail pbaily [at]

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Nurture Coordinating Committee Needs You

Over the past few years, the Nurture Coordinating Committee (NCC) has been busy supporting the concerns of Earthcare and youth religious education, and incorporating the energy of young adult Friends in New York Yearly Meeting. We are also listening to the concerns of the yearly meeting regarding Friends United Meeting.

The Nurture Coordinating Committee also considers the progress of the Young Friends in Residence Program Working Group, the First Day School Working Group and newly emerging youth work. We welcome your participation!

Please consider becoming an at-large member in order to serve these interests in the coming years. We will meet at Summer Sessions and welcome your presence. If you would like to work with the Nurture Coordinating Committee, please contact Melanie-Claire Mallison, Clerk, NCC. Her contact information is in the Yearbook.

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You Are Never Too Old for First Day School

The First Day School Working Group would like to build a network of contacts as we plan how we can work together in NYYM to improve our Monthly Meeting First Day School programs. We are inviting First Day School teachers, parents, R.E. committee members and all interested Friends to become involved, as we develop goals for First Day Schools and Religious Education in relation to better serve the young people in our community. If you are interested please contact Mark LaRiviere,
mlariviere [at] Or call the NYYM office at 212-673-5750.

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Campus Quakes

Whether the campus nearby is a hallway in a community college or sprawling tree lined acres, the NYYM Working Group on College Ministry needs your input. We want to facilitate support for effective outreach to college and university students, faculty and staff, letting them know that they might find spiritual fellowship at a Quaker meeting. If you are led to this type of advancement and outreach, or if you would like to be the contact person for your meeting contact John Menzel, jpmenzel [at] Or call the NYYM office at 212-673-5750.

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Christopher Sammond Travel Calendar

April–May 2009

3–5 Attend Spring Sessions, Locust Valley, N.Y.
17–19 Lead Nightingales Singing Weekend, Mohawk Valley MM, Clinton, N.Y.
20–23 Support NYYM/NEYM Annual Pastors Retreat, Powell House, Old Chatham, N.Y.
1–3 Facilitate Farmington MM’s Annual Retreat, Farmington, N.Y.
14 Meet with Farmington MM Ministry and Counsel, Farmington, N.Y.
15 Meet with Spiritual Nurture Working Group, Dundee, N.Y.
15–17 Attend Farmington–Scipio Spring Gathering, Long Point Camp, Geneva, N.Y.
24–31 Vacation

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Singing à la Nightingales in NYYM

April 17–19, Clinton, N.Y.

Songbook and flower

Nightingales is a Northern Yearly Meeting a cappela singing group that Mary Jacobs and Christopher Sammond have enjoyed and want to share with Friends in NYYM. Getting together and singing as the Nightingales do it is about singing from the heart. It is not about being a great singer. It is about being in a community singing with love. If you can talk, you can sing. We sing from Rise Up Singing and Worship in Song, but we often bring songs or rounds we have encountered to teach each other. We go around in a circle, and every person present, even the very youngest, names a song they want sung. There are also times when we break into song without books and without structure, our hearts leading us from one song to another, one genre to another, sacred, silly, schmaltzy, rounds, hymns, show tunes—we wander into some amazing bayous of song.

These weekends are also about fellowship and food. We all bring food to share and have potluck meals. And we tell about our lives. We do that in words, and in the songs we initiate, for there is little more revealing than the song in your heart.

Those who can camp, do so, or sleep in sleeping bags on the floor. Those who need a bed, due to age or physical need, get the few that are available. The cost is negligible—Suggested fee: $10. If this sounds like fun to you, please come, and bring those you love with you. Place: Mohawk Valley Meeting and Liseli Haines’ house.

Shuttle service from Utica Amtrak station is a possibility. Children are most welcome, though those not wanting to participate in the singing are the responsibility of their

For more information contact: Christopher Sammond, 845-876-0802 c1sammond [at] or Mary Jacobs, 585-547-3313 mjacobs61 [at]

Registration: Contact NYYM office at 212-673-5750, office [at]
We need to know how many to plan for, who needs a bed, and what food you plan to share.

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Young Friends in Residence—Internship Opportunities

  • Do you want to make people smile?
  • Do you want to plant seeds of peace?
  • Do you want to nurture connections between young and old?
  • Do you want to live deeper into the Spirit?

If so, the Young Friends in Residence Pilot Program is looking for you.

The YFIR pilot program has grown out of the Powell House Youth Program’s forty-year experiment in creating spaces for young people to encounter the authentic in themselves and in one another and, in so doing, to become powerful loving people in a world that sorely needs them.

We seek four young adult friends (18–25) who will commit for one or two years to live in a deep spiritual community where they will help each other and the wider community grow and prosper in the Spirit. They will participate fully in the life of Perry City Monthly Meeting, Farmington-Scipio Regional Meeting and New York Yearly Meeting and will provide outreach to the local communities in Tompkins County, New York.

Intern Support: To support interns in their work, each will have an elder to serve as a sounding board and spiritual friend. Elders will be part of an anchor (or care) committee that interns can turn to for clearness, guidance, naming of their gifts, and basic nuts and bolts assistance with housing, facilities, and other issues that arise. A five-day training will occur in the first month of service. Interns will also receive room and board, health insurance, and a small monthly stipend.


  • at least 18 years old
  • experience with the Powell House youth program or a similar program
  • practice in Quaker spirituality and process
  • a letter of recommendation from a clearness committee
  • able and willing to commit for a minimum of one year
  • first aid/CPR certification

For more information: yfirwg [at] or 518-794-8811, x13.

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Calling for JYM Volunteers

JYM volunteers will work for JYM at Summer Sessions at Silver Bay, July 19–25, 2009, with the youth of NYYM (grades K–12). They plan and carry out a program, prepared at the JYM Planning Weekend, June 12–14, at Powell House (mandatory). The JYM program runs from 9:00 am to Noon on Monday through Friday, during Summer Sessions at Silver Bay. JYM volunteers also provide afternoon and evening childcare (referred to as “PM Childcare”), for children through age 10, during Committee and Session times on Monday through Friday. The commitment includes attending the JYM planning weekend in June, a 7:00 am meeting each day at Silver Bay, and the morning JYM program each day (or PM Childcare). Financial assistance will be discussed at the JYM planning weekend.

If interested, contact Amy White, Coordinator, amywhite [at] or Susan Stillman, Coordinator, sustillman [at] ASAP.

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Residential Internship

Redwoods, Streams & Trails


The Ben Lomond Quaker Center is pleased to announce an internship opportunity for an individual or couple who are led to provide service to The Religious Society of Friends and Ben Lomond Quaker Center while developing meaningful skills and experience in nonprofit management and conference center operations.

This retreat and conference facility is located in the mountains outside Santa Cruz, California. It encompasses about 80 acres of second growth redwoods, streams, and trails. Quaker Center hosts a wide range of activities including group retreats, seminars, youth camps, and personal retreats.

Great opportunity to grow spiritually and work in all areas of this Quaker nonprofit. Mountains, redwoods, housing, stipend, and benefits provided. Flexible terms.

Applicants are now being sought for the 2009–2010 year.
For further information visit:

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Position Available—Earlham School of Religion

Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Earlham School of Religion seeks a Director of Recruitment and Admissions. The person occupying this position bears primary responsibility for identifying and recruiting qualified students for the school. The Director must understand the value of theological education, the diversity of Friends and the wider Church, and the Quaker understanding of universal ministry. A bachelor’s degree is required. A Master of Divinity or Master of Ministry degree is strongly preferred. For a full description, contact Jay Marshall at marshja [at] or 765-983-1423.

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What Do You Believe?

Spark Articles Sought

The September 2009 issue of Sparkwill focus on the diversity of Friends’ spiritual experiences and beliefs. We hope this issue will reflect the range of experiences Friends have regarding the Spirit/Truth/Christ Within/Universal Principle/God/Inner Teacher/Goddess/etc. that resides within. Articles might discuss the impact of our varying spiritual backgrounds on our individual beliefs, what those beliefs are, as well as the ways our beliefs and experiences influence our action in the world. Submissions reflecting all varieties of belief are welcomed and encouraged.

I have been asked to coordinate and gather articles for this issue. If you are led to contribute a piece, please contact Adam Segal-Isaacson (Brooklyn Meeting) at: isaacson1 [at] I’d appreciate your placing the words “diversity of belief” in the subject line of your e-mail. I’d like to receive responses from interested Friends by mid-May, with the finished articles due 1 August. Sooner is better. Articles may also be mailed to NYYM, 15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY 10003.

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AVP 2009 Annual Gathering in New York, May 22–25

I Have a Dream ... a World without Violence

Adelphi University on Long Island, NY, will be the site for the AVP/USA Annual Gathering over Memorial Day Weekend. There will be a Restorative Justice program, an off-Broadway play, a Resource Network on reentry, and a multitude of mini-workshops on Youth Programs, Prison Coordination, Parenting, Racism, and much more.

Barb Toews will set the tone for the Saturday program with her insights on restorative justice. She is a leading authority on the subject and the author of The Little Book of Restorative Justice for People in Prison.

Reentrywill be the theme for Sunday with a performance of the Off-Broadway play The Castle which stars four people who relate their journeys of deprivation, crime and transformation. One of the four, Angel Ramos, is an AVP facilitator, an attender at Morningside Meeting, and a member of Rochester Meeting. Following the play, Reentry Resource Networking will feature reentry related programs in the NY area.

Trauma Healing will be facilitated by Nadine Hoover who has been leading trauma healing workshops in Aceh Province in Indonesia in the aftermath of the tsunami and more than 25 years of warfare.

Sing Sing tour.We will visit the historic prison’s cell blocks and meet with inside facilitators.

For registration information about the conference visit:

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Bilingual Regional Gathering for Friends

As part of Friends World Committee for Consultation’s mission of “Connecting Friends, Crossing Cultures, Changing Lives,” a bilingual regional gathering for Friends in the Northeast will take place May 15–17, 2009, in New Hope, PA. Jointly planned by Friends in Philadelphia YM and Evangelical Friends Churches in Philadelphia, this gathering will focus on “Peace With Us, Peace With God, Peace with our Neighbor.” Mary Lord (Baltimore YM) and César Nufio (Iglesia Nacional Evangélica Amigos de Guatemala) are the keynote speakers. You can visit us online: For questions please contact Jeff Keith jeffthelinguist [at] or Louise Salinas louises [at] . Friends World Committee for Consultation Section of the Americas, 1506 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19102, 215.241.7250

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Powell House Weekends

Powell House is NYYM’s conference and retreat center in Old Chatham, NY, east of Albany. The full weekend fee of $200 can vary—check for special offers. For discount and registration information for all Powell House Programs, visit or call 518-794-8811.

WORK/MESSIAH SING 4/10/2009–4/12/2009
This weekend has become a favorite of many F/friends and families. Whether you come to work, work and sing, work and play an instrument, or work and provide the audience for the choir—there’s a place for you. Childcare for 10 and under while we work. Since Powell House needs special projects done—light or heavy work, indoors or out—the fee for this weekend is only $75 (adult) or $25 (youth).
“Know thyself” is pretty easy advice to give, but hard to actually do. Where is the real you—in the mind? The body? The spirit? The relationships? What happens when the different pieces of who you believe yourself to be are in opposition? How does your self-image affect the choices you make on your life journey? Of course serious discussions and thought must be balanced with serious Frisbee, games & fellowship. Vinny Lomoriello will cofacilitate this weekend with Mike Clark. Fee: $100
A NEW LOOK AT JESUS AND DAVID: What the Women in Their Lives Tell Us About Them 4/17/2009–4/19/2009
We will spend this weekend reading from 2 Samuel and the Gospels about the lives of first David, then Jesus, and what the experience of the women in their lives can tell us about these two crucial figures in the Bible narrative. The Gospels show us Jesus redefining what kingship means for the “son of David,” and likewise in his interactions with women he opens up new possibilities of mutual listening and understanding.
Julia Giordano, (Bulls Head-Oswego Meeting), teaches English and Women’s’ Studies at Nassau Community College.
Annie Patterson is cocreator, along with her husband, Peter Blood, of the popular songbook, Rise Up Singing. During the last 2 decades, Annie has honed her skills as a song leader, performing at many different venues throughout North America and around the world. Annie believes that singing is a birthright. “Everyone deserves to sing and be sung to.” Annie plays the acoustic guitar, old-timey banjo, and the djimbe.
ME, MY PARTNER & THE DIVINE Our Spiritual Path and Our Relationship as a Couple—Mary Kay Glazer and Mark Moss 5/1/2009–5/3/2009
Sharing your spiritual life is a way to grow as a couple and deepen your intimacy. But sometimes, it may seem like there is a lot of mystery and uncertainty surrounding spirituality. It can be hard to talk about it, and even hard to hear about your partner’s spiritual path. This is a couple enrichment retreat for couples who want to explore their spiritual path together. This retreat is for couples in a healthy, committed relationship, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status. Limited to ten couples.

Mary Kay Glazer and Mark Moss live in Ticonderoga, NY, and have been leading Couple Enrichment retreats for ten years. They are members of Rochester NY Monthly Meeting and attend Middlebury VT Monthly Meeting and the Ticonderoga Worship Group.

LISTENING FOR MUSES—Vonn New 5/8/2009–5/10/2009
The experience of union with the Divine that happens to us in Meeting for Worship goes beyond what words can express or the verbal mind can grasp. We will explore Meeting for Listening, a form of unprogrammed worship that invites ministry in the form of improvised music, movement and other forms of expression in addition to vocal ministry. We will use simple instruments and our bodies and wait expectantly for divine guidance to lead us in creating sound and movement together.
Vonn New (Bulls Head-Oswego) is a composer, performer, and improviser of electro-ambient music. She uses percussion, flutes, computers, environmental sounds, and spoken words, to create sonic playgrounds for herself and her collaborators. NYYM endorsed her minute of travel with a concern for Meeting for Listening in 2008.

RADICAL SIMPLICITY RETREAT The Art, Science & Practice of Deeply
Sustainable & Equitable Living—Jim Merkel 5/15/2009–5/17/2009
This weekend retreat, Radical Simplicity, will engage you in the art, science and practice of deeply sustainable and equitable living while taking a weekend to listen to nature, your heart and your fellow ‘Earth Lovers.’ We will formulate our personal mission—how to package our life’s energy, loves and skills to create the most beautiful and sustainable world imaginable.
Jim Merkel is the author of Radical Simplicity: Small Footprints on a Finite Earth and directs the Global Living Project that consults with campuses and municipalities and offers workshops and lectures.

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Pendle Hill Weekends

Pendle Hill is a Quaker center for spiritual growth, study and service. Located on 23 wooded acres just outside of Philadelphia in Wallingford, PA, Pendle Hill is where adults and youth come for inspiration and renewal. Founded by Quakers in 1930, Pendle Hill is a community that welcomes people from many faiths and countries. Fees, which include room and board, range from $285–610 depending on length of stay. Fees for program attendance only are much less. Scholarship help may be available. For more information and registration details about Pendle Hill programs visit:

Vanessa Julye April 19–23: Our Quaker and African American Ancestors: What Can We Learn from Their Interactions? with Vanessa Julye and Donna McDaniel.
Explore the often complex relationship between Quakers and African Americans. What can we learn about meeting attempts to “diversify” and from the integration of Quaker schools? How does European American culture impede Quaker outreach?
Donna McDaniel
Vanessa Julye   Donna McDaniel
Arthur Larabee April 24–26: Advanced Clerking Clinic, with Arthur Larabee
This practical interactive workshop is for those with extensive clerking experience or those who have taken a basic clerking workshop with some clerking experience. Focus will be on the experiences, issues, and questions raised in advance by participants in their applications.
Arthur Larabee  

April 26–May 1: Light Then and Now—A Tour of Quaker Philadelphia, with Stan Banker.
May 3–7: Mixed Blessings: The Legacy of William Penn, with Paul Buckley.
May 8–10: Living in Intentional Community, Quaker Style, with Peggy O’Neill, Don Miller, and Janett Forte.
May 10–14: Howard and Anna Brinton and the Invention of Modern Quakerism,with Anthony Manousos.
May 15–17: Black Fire: Black Quakers on Spirituality and Human Rights,with Hal Weaver and Stephen W. Angell.
May 15–17: Playing in the Light: A Godly Play Workshop for Quakers, with Michael Gibson, Caryl Menkhus, and Melinda Wenner Bradley.

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Wings of Joy, Fire of Love, Rooted in Spirit

FGC Gathering of Friends—June 27–July 4, 2009
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

For more information visit: