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by Anonymous
How will you help to make our garden grow? We have a beautiful community garden that is grounded in our faith and our shared values. Some areas of our garden are flourishing and some are not. To truly make our garden grow will require all of us to tend to our garden. We have created this forum so you can share with Friends what you plan to do to nurture our garden. I hope you will consider posting the actions you intend to take. We can use this forum as a way to strengthening our community as we work together to create a garden that flourishes and grows.
1 12 2 years 43 weeks ago
by Anonymous
1 1 3 years 3 weeks ago
by StevenDavison
A forum that offers NYYM Friends opportunities to discuss the queries from Ministry Coordinating Committee distributed in March/April 2014 designed to stimulate further discussion on the Apology to Afro-Descendants, approved at Fall Sessions 2013.
1 8 2 years 37 weeks ago
by Anonymous