New York Yearly Meeting's Committees


Welcome to NYYM's committee portal.

A page introducing New York Yearly Meeting's organization by committees and providing a list of the committees and resources for committee clerks and members.

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NYYM Sections

Sections — New York Yearly Meeting's committees are organized into four sections. Each section has a coordinating committee that coordinates the work of the committees in its section. The sections are:

Meetings for Discernment. Meetings for Discernment and the Meetings for Discernment Steering Committee are not under the care of any section, but stand alone as bodies under the care of the yearly meeting as a whole.

NYYM Committees by Section

Committe links go to web pages for the committee.

General Services

Ministry Section

Nurture Section


Resources for Committee Members and Clerks

Guidelines for Committee Service—Relevant sections from the yearly meeting Handbook on committe membership and committee clerking.

Guide for Committee Clerks—A resource packet designed to make clerking a NYYM committee easier.

Coordinating Committee Timeline—A guide to the year's tasks for coorcinating committee clerks.

Accountability Queries—Queries for use by committees and the coordinating committees for considering the spiritual state of the yearly meeting's committees.