Yearbook 2013–2014


PDF file: Click the following link to download a pdf file of the 2014-2015 Yearbook.

  • Note that this file does not include the Budget, the Treasurer's Accounts, or the alphabetical listing of Friends Under Appointment. We do not publish these sections of the Yearbook on the public website.

Click the links to view the following sections of the 2013–2014 Yearbook (see also the table of contents at the left):

  • Minutes of Fall Sessions, November 15–16, 2013
  • Minutes of Summer Sessions, July 20–26, 2014
  • Minutes of Spring Sessions, April 4–6, 2014
  • Advance Reports 2014 (PDF format), in which committees and representatives of the Yearly Meeting report on their activities for the preceding year, in preparation for Summer Sessions.
  • Committees, which lists NYYM committees and their membership, as well as representatives to Friends’ organizations. This page is also available under the Committees tab in the menu. See also the note below.
  • Meetings—for the Meetings section of the Yearbook, see the note below.

Committees section. The Committees section on this site reflects the most recent information received by the yearly meeting office, including, for committees, nominations and releases from service approved atyYearly meeting sessions since the publication of the hardcopy Yearbook in October.

Meetings section. We do not publish on the website the Meetings section of the Yearbook or the alphabetical listing of Friends under appointment to yearly meeting committees because they list Friends' personal information. To contact one of our meetings or worship groups, please visit our Find a Meeting page. To see the list of Friends appointed to various positions in local and regional meetings, please refer to the print edition of the Yearbook or call the yearly meeting office, 212-673-5750.