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. . . to a page describing how the NYYM Website Manager can serve your meeting.

Contact Chad Gilmartin:


Phone: Please inquire at the NYYM Office: 212-673-5750

Your Meeting's Website—help with:

  • Create a website. If your meeting doesn’t have a website, the Communications Director (CD) can provide you with a simple one or guide you in the process of developing one.
  • Host your website. The yearly meeting can host your website (for free), though this is not necessarily your best option. The CD has a Word document that can help you determine what options works best for your meeting.
  • Improve your website. The CD can make suggestions as to how to improve your site and help you make the changes.
  • Update your website content (if we host your site). Tell us what you want added or changed.
  • Retaining your web accounts. Do you know where your domain name and hosting service accounts are? The CD can help to prevent your meeting from losing these important accounts. Ask for a checklist for your digital account information.—help with:

  • Help registering with We have to manually activate your account with our website because of the large number of spam registrations. We’ll do it right away.
  • Help finding what you’re looking for on (You might try the Search engine in the upper right hand corner of each web page first, though; treat it like a Google search to search our website.)