QuED: Quaker Exploration and Discourse


by Adria Gulizia, Chatham-Summit Meeting


When I was invited to help kick off a series of intergenerational, day-long discussions aimed at sharing the richness of New York Yearly Meeting with young adult Friends, I knew it was a tremendous opportunity. To speak on any topic God led me to and to help create a program to benefit other young adult Friends and to get acquainted with my fellow speakers and to benefit from the able facilitation of Gabi Savory-Bailey and Emily Provance and to do all of that in the comfortable environment of my own meeting—it was almost too good to be true.

The truth is, participating in New York Yearly Meeting’s inaugural QuED Day was an even greater opportunity than I thought. Though I chose my topic—why conviction matters now more than ever— without knowing what my fellow speakers would discuss, somehow my talk fit perfectly with the themes of racial justice and spiritual growth explored by Jeff Hitchcock and Carol Holmes.

And who could have predicted that, in both the question and answer period and the open dialogue that followed the morning’s talks, themes as diverse as political economy, immigration, the yearly meeting’s minute on racism and our shared call to the Lamb’s War would be raised and reflected upon, not with the stridency and rancor so common these days, but in an atmosphere of sweet fellowship. I truly believe the Holy Spirit was present with us, guiding both the topics and the tenor of the dialogue.

By the time late afternoon rolled around, I felt emotionally tender, intellectually informed and spiritually edified. In other words, I was greatly blessed by the day, and I am so looking forward to the upcoming QuED day at Fifteenth Street Meeting.

QuED Days will be occurring monthly. If you’re a young adult or member of the host meeting, please come. If you aren’t (or if you’re a young adult who can’t make it in person), please tune in on Facebook live. If you get half as much out of it as I did, you will be richly blessed!


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