Some Days Are Gone


by Sheree Cammer, Albany Meeting


Some days are gone.
A poem

The days of being self righteous
Those days are gone.
The days of hating haters, 
The days of dividing us and them,
Those days are gone.
Casting stones and blaming:
Those days are gone

The time for cairns is come again,
has always been—
Huge stones left to guide those
on rugged ground to what they need
to journey on.

We need not overcome,
We need to come with,
Honor the divine in all
Love for the Other:
These days have come.
Laying an inclusive table
These days have come

Hearts open,
listenin’ deeper
To those who seem against us
These days have come.
Hearts open
Listenin’ deeper
With the eyes of our hearts
for Spirit in us, amongst us,
These days have always been
And will be again.

Lord of Laughter, Lord of Song,
Braid our energies with yours, strong
and open.


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